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Fix test for docker Gradle plugin

Update smoke test plugin versions

Update build scan plugin to 2.2 (#8644)

- update version used in build scan plugin itself

- update default --scan version

Refine delete help message section in release notes

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Merge pull request #8640 from gradle/rh/build-scan-plugin-update-release

Update supported build scan plugin to 2.2-rc-1

Upgrade tagging plugin to 0.52


Update supported build scan plugin to 2.2-rc-1

Fix missing callout in migrating_from_ant

Fix issue of TeamCity recognizing OOM in build log

We had some tests outputting `GC overhead limit exceeded`, which will be recognized by TeamCity

as build failure - even though these tests pass, TeamCity mark the whole build as failed.

This commit fixes the issue by text replacement.

Add configuration capabilities to Maven local repo

Some of the configuration capabilities were not available for maven

local repository.

This change adds the ability to configure this repository, including

the content filtering aspect.

Fixes #8191

Add configuration capabilities to core repositories

Some of the configuration capabilities were not available for core

repositories like `google` or `mavenCentral`.

This change adds the ability to configure such repositories, including

the content filtering aspect.

Fixes #8280

Rebaseline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest

Looks like the last rebaseline showed a small regression in

`buildSrc api change in gradleBuildCurrent comparing gradle`.

Rebaselining, so this test is not at the brink of failure.

Merge pull request #8626 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/better-generic-getter-handling

Simplify resolving type parameters

Ignore soak tests that are flaky due to changes in GC monitor

Merge pull request #8581 from gradle/sg/provider/replacedby

Add ReplacedBy attribute to identify properties that are replaced by …

Bump to latest nightly

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Merge pull request #8574 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/register-action

Use a type parameter on the transform action

Improve Javadoc

Co-Authored-By: wolfs <>

Use final class for TransformParameters.None

Use inner Parameters class

for transform parameters.

Address review feedback

Use TransformParameters.None for parameterless transforms

Remove InjectTransformParameters

The annotation is not required any more.

Add TransformAction.getParameters

So the implementors of `TransformAction` don't need to add the method.

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Don't run coordinator on ec2 (#8621)

Our H2 performance database has an ancient configuration and is incompatible with JDK11.0.2. We're using a patched JDK11.0.2 version ( on Hetzner agents. But EC2 agents are not patched, performance coordinator builds will fail on EC2 agents. Before fixing H2 db issue, let's not run performance coordinators on EC2 agents.

Merge branch 'release'

Simplify resolving type parameters

Using Guava's TypeToken simplifies things and supports full


Merge pull request #8587 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/custom-classpath-normalization

Support custom classpath normalization for artifact transforms

Merge pull request #8620 from gradle/am/param-types

Fix class generation when declared service injection getter return type is a type variable

Rebase Android performance test

Following changes for #8099 this performance test saw a significant

performance boost of about 20%.