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Instrument `IncrementalCompileProcessor` with build operation

Update wrapper to 4.2

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Add more information to name deprecation warnings

Rebaseline testing performance test

There was a slight regression in 4.2, which we

also accept for 4.2.1. This has already been fixed for


Merge pull request #3057 from gradle/oehme/android/connected-test

Revert change that broke Android testing

Revert change that broke Android testing

Android 2.3 uses the internal DurationFormatter class for its

test reporting. This has been fixed in Android 3.0, but we want

to keep Android 2.3 working a while longer. We will remove this

class in Android 5.0

This adds coverage for reporting on connected tests (the scenario that

broke). It does not add coverage for actually running the tests, since

that would require additional setup like an emulator.

This also adds coverage for Android 3.0 to ensure we don't break the

latest beta.

Fix Windows tests

Fix URI-quoted chars in cached outputs bug

Upgrade to Groovy 2.4.12 for full Java 9 compatibility

Update version to 4.2.1

Add more documentation about 'include projectPath'

This also adds the auto tested samples test for the coreApi project.

Validate project name later

The name is initially set to the folder name although it might be

overridden later. If that is the case, we do not want to print a

deprecation warning.

If the folder name would be corrected, instead of accepting the

deprecated name, this would not be necessary. This breaking change

is planned for 5.0.

Let name validator print a message for empty names instead of crashing

Do not override o.g.integtest.versions with default if it is already set

The value is also set in crossVersionTest.gradle

Explicitly ignore incoming build receipts in sanity check

There may be a stale build receipt file in the working directory from

another build further down the pipeline that ran on the agent before.

Support zulu9 version number(#2992) (#2994)

zulu JDK 9 introduces version number format '' which

can't be recognized by Gradle. This fix adjusts the recognition


Remove old 'waitForDaemonsToDie' workaround

Rename build type 'crossVersionTest' to 'allVersionsCrossVersionTest'

It was shadowing the task 'crossVersionTest'. The new name also

describes the build type better.

Fix integration test

Now that 4.2 is out we can use this version in the test. No need to use

a snapshot any more.

Much nicer charts for performance update

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Update wrapper to 4.2 RC2

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Strive to keep Gradle's monotonic clock in sync with the system clock

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Merge pull request #2905 from gradle/sg/regression/uri-query

Fix regression when using a URL with a query to apply remote build scripts

Add docs about external build script caching to user guide

Merge pull request #2922 from gradle/sg/regression/2915

Do not capture all the time

Fix up review comments

Do not capture all the time

Clarify what a query component is

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Do not cache URLs that contain a query part

fixes #2891

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Implement integration test for issue #2891