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Merge `CreateSwiftBundle` task with `InstallXCTestBundle`

Use binary property for configurating XCTest task

Improve readability of XCTest scrapper

Remove `Info.plist` configuration

Revert unecessary changes

Revert visibility of task action method

Fix CI failure regarding working directory on Linux

Fix CI failure

Fix quick checks

Split out create bundle and install task

Ignore another failing performance test


Merge pull request #3242 from gradle/wolfs/native-caching/track-system-headers

Track system headers for native compilation

Ignore failing performance tests for now

These will be addressed by a separate PR

Make existing dependency modifiable in metadata rules (#3351)

This allows for modification of the version property (string notation).

Fix #3029: Use correct server class when distributing Play applications (#3314)

Use correct server class when distributing Play applications


Refine deprecation mechanism (#3285)

Refine deprecation mechanism


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Fix #2999: runPlayBinary needs to be adapted for Play 2.6 (#3018)

Scala 2.12 as the preferred version when using Play 2.6


Add Play 2.6 and scala 2.12 support.

Published 4.3-20171105190919+0000

Ignore flaky test (#3375)

Ignore flaky test for now

Remove debugging statements

Buffer a line `XcTestScaper`

Disable test output capture on Linux

Merge pull request #3369 from gradle/sg/native/swift-fixtures

Refactor Swift test fixtures to remove the wrapping/delegating methods

Address review comments

Tries to flush stdout/stderr when printing

Try to redirect error output to standard output

Fix typo (#3363)

Correcting what appears to be a copy paste error that referred to the FindBugs plugin. It may be the case that this line does not need to be here at all.

Ignore flaky test for now (#3365)

Merge pull request #3337 from gradle/sg/dependencies/ant

Update Ant to 1.9.9