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Add diagnostic verbose

Force no-daemon during MSBuild

fix unit test after renaming

Emit build operation for executing taskgraph whenReady hooks (#5647)

Emit build operation for executing taskgraph whenReady hooks

Always configure heap dump path

It no longer depends on the user home of the test.

Merge pull request #5645 from gradle/oehme/testing/fix-daemon-reuse

Make daemons with different user home compatible again

Make daemons with different user home compatible again

Putting the user home into the daemon arguments meant that

tests with an isolated user home were no longer reusing daemons.

This lead to immense memory pressure on the system, crashing test

VMs faster than the daemons could shut down.

Increase default -Xmx to 2g

It has been found that 1g default -Xmx for non-embeded executer is still not

enough under certain circumstances, so we're increasing it to 2g for now.

Decrease iteration times of flaky test gradle-private#1303

This closes

Previously this flaky test iterates 30 times and sometimes timeouts, especially

under NoDaemon executer. This commit changes the iteration times from 30 to 10

to make it more stable as well as less time-consuming.

Only set -Xmx when it's not specified

Previously we set -Xmx for the forked daemon, which might shadow the args

set by the integration test itself. This commit checks the speficied build

arguments to make sure specified -Xmx won't be shadowed.

Fix misplaced @Requires

In previous commit an attempt was made to ignore a test, but it wasn't placed

on the correct test method. This commit fixes that mistake.

Increase Xmx for new integration test daemon JVM

In we made some adjustments which limited

new intrgration test executor daemon Xmx to 512m. It has been found that 512m is not

enough for some integration tests, so we're increasing it to 1g for now.

Ignore --foreground tests on IBM JDK

The foreground daemon uses whatever environment

variables were set when it was started, as it has

no "client context". On IBM JDK there are a bunch

of extra environment variables by default, which

interfere with subsequent matching of this daemon.

The whole --foreground feature seems questionable,

but that's a decision for another day.

Continue executing tests if irreplaceable security manager was installed

Previously, TestWorker failed to handle a SecurityException thrown when

it called System.setSecurityManager(null). This commit makes TestWorker

properly handle any SecurityException that is thrown, allowing tests

that install an irreplaceable security manager to exit cleanly.

In addition, the TestWorker now only attempts to reset the

SecurityManager to the previous value if it was changed.

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Remove dependencies between `javadoc` tasks of dependent Java projects

Closes #5207.

Signed-off-by: Lars Grefer <>

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Merge branch 'oehme/performance/reuse-global-services'

Merge pull request #5629 from gradle/oehme/performance/testing-embedded

Use daemon when forking from embedded executor

Rebaseline performance tests

There is a known performance regression due to more work done during dependency resolution. Future

commits will attempt to mitigate the regression.

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Remove @Incubating from remaining publishing types

These were missed during un-incubation in Gradle 4.8

Use latest nighty

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Revert "Cache tool chain look-ups"

This reverts commit c6b9948fed65061af3af55f955512f8db43a276b.

This doesn't seem to actually make a difference

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/gradlebuild/even-more-conversion'

* origin/lacasseio/gradlebuild/even-more-conversion:

Convert `createLater` to `register`

Fix CI failure due to the removal of createLater with constructor args

Convert `binary-compatibility`, `buildquality`, `cleanup`, `configuration`, `docs`, and `ide` subprojects

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/gradlebuild/some-more-conversion'

* origin/lacasseio/gradlebuild/some-more-conversion:

Convert `createLater` to `register`

Convert `integration-testing`, `kotlin-dsl`, `packaging`, and `performance` project to use lazy tasks

Revert "Fix integration test expectation (after merge)"

This reverts commit 50b653c98a1089bd63aa9e16e7341a6f121f276c,

which was changed as a result of PR #5628

Revert changes from PR5628

This reverts the following commits:








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Revert use of register() for Jar tasks

Merge pull request #5635 from gradle/revert-5628-dd/dependency-management/maven-range-syntax

Revert "Use maven range syntax for reject selectors"

To be honest, I don't think this will revert anything, but let's see.

Revert "Use maven range syntax for reject selectors"

Convert `createLater` to `register`

Convert `createLater` to `register`