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Simplify the test requirements

Lock in file-repo preformance improvement

Fix some code formatting issues (#4333)

Rename chapter and smaller touch ups (#4305)

"coordinate" -> "coordinates"

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Massaging of content in troubleshooting dependency resolution (#4287)

Clean up the content in the dependency management Java tutorial (#4272)

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Merge pull request #4328 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache/mention-kotlin-android

Mention build cache support for Android and Kotlin

Mention build cache support for Android and Kotlin

Ignore failing test on `noDaemon`

`VisualStudioFileCustomizationIntegrationTest.can specify location of generated files`

has been failing for the no daemon tests.

Merge pull request #4323 from gradle/dd/dependency-management/local-repo-cache

Prior to this change, local file repositories used a completely separate caching infrastructure for in-memory caching. This made the code difficult to understand, and led to subtle differences (bugs) between resolution against remote and local repositories.

This changeset consolidates the cache infrastructure, changing local file repositories to use the CachingModuleComponentRepository and removing the separate InMemoryCachedModuleComponentRepository. Requests for local repositories continue to bypass the persistent caches: the CachingModuleComponentRepository is provided with in-memory caches for this purpose.

There was a ~5% negative performance impact of these changes when resolving a large dependency graph against a local file repository. This was offset by an improvement to avoid XML Schema validation when parsing Ivy files.

Fix spelling metaData -> metadata

Introduce in-memory versions of dependency caches

Currently, local file repositories use a completely separate caching

infrastructure for in-memory caching. This makes the code difficult

to understand, and can lead to subtle differences (bugs) between

resolution against remote and local repositories.

This commit introduces in-memory versions of the four key resolution

caches, which will be used to consolidate caching infrastructure

between local and remote repositories.

These caches are not yet used.

Avoid XML validation for downloaded Ivy descriptor files

XML validation is expensive, and we were paying this cost on every

resolve for a local file repository. While XML validation does provide

some improved error messages for malformed Ivy files, the benefit does

not seem to be enough to justify the cost.

This change improved performance of local (file) Ivy repository by 23%.

XML validation is still performed when publishing Ivy descriptor files

with the `ivy-publish` plugin.

Fix distribution jar count

Fix failed tests

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Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Merge pull request #4313 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl/0.15.5

Upgrade `kotlin-dsl` {0.15.4 => 0.15.5}

Changed the 'swiftpm-export' plugin to reuse the same service to map a project dependency to a Swift PM target, as is used by the other publishing plugins to map a project dependency to a GAV.

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Upgrade `kotlin-dsl` {0.15.4 => 0.15.5}

Kotlin DSL 0.15.x features:

- improved error reporting

- better performance due to a new in-memory script class cache

- init script support

- better interaction with IntelliJ IDEA (less "all red" situations)

- bug fixes

Changed the C++ and Swift plugins to register a Swift PM publication for each library and application for a project.

Added a display name for each native component implementation.

Added a convenience to `Describables` to format a display name for an object with a type and a name.

Extracted an interface.

Moved service that takes care of mapping a project dependency to a GAV to the 'dependency-management' project, where it can be reused outside of the Maven and Ivu publishing plugins.

Changed the mapping from project dependency to a GAV so that it does not use any types from the new publishing plugins, and is so decoupled from these plugins.

Merge pull request #4308 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/empty-file-collection-snapshot

Standalone implementation for empty file collection snapshot

Revert "Make `ComponentSelectionReasonSerializer` stateless"

This reverts commit 0ca8d626311f9f99cad50b4cf7b3b47428a7d734.

Fix test on Java 9

The message for index out of bounds has changed on Java 9.

Use an instanceof check instead of asserting the exact wording.

Use empty snapshot when there are no entries

Fix test