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Not disallow `getAllTasks` from lazy configuration action

Add test coverage for `getAllTasks`

Not disallow `getTasksByName` from lazy configuration action

Add test coverage for `getTasksByName` regression


Assert no-daemon for AsciidoctorTask (#6107)

This is a follow-up for and . We disable daemon for some builds and use this to make sure no `AsciidoctorTask` is running on daemon.

Add more source dependency test coverage.

Add some test coverage for the simplified source dependency mapping DSL.

Some test renames.

Fix broken unit tests

Remove comment pushed accidentally

Flesh out the simplified source dependency model so that the root directory and injected plugins for a Git repository can be specified.

Rewired the source dependency model types to move plugin resolution into the VCS resolver, to simplify the model types and their construction.

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Avoid publishing redundant constraint information in module metadata

Use a `NotationParser` in the source dependencies API to convert from module id expressed as a string into a `ModuleIdentifier` used for matching, so that the conversion logic can be shared rather than having multiple inconsistent implementations of this conversion. This change also removes the creation of many temporary strings during dependency resolution when source dependency mappings are defined.

Change `NotationParserBuilder` to allow construction of a `NotationParser` that accepts something other than `Object` as its notation type.

Ensure that 'preferredVersion' always provides a useful value

Recent versions of the build scan plugin depend on `VersionConstraint.preferredVersion`

to return a string representation of the version constraint. This was broken with the

recent introduction of `requiredVersion`, where `preferredVersion` only returned a

value when explicitly set with `prefers(version)`.

This change restores the previous functionality: a `requires` version constraint implies

a `prefers` constraint, and a `strictly` constraint implies a `requires` constraint.

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Introduce a simplified API/DSL for defining source dependencies that allows simple mappings from module id to git repo to be defined. The intent is to keep the rule API for backwards compatibility and for those cases where more complex mappings are needed.

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Move some responsibilities for source dependency resolution around so to reduce some duplication.

Moved some VCS interfaces out of coreApi and into versionControl project.

Merge pull request #6003 from gradle/lacasseio/lazy/disallow-hooks

Disallow use of hooks by a lazy task configuration action

Fix some concurrency issues in source dependency resolution, so that a dependency on a particular Git repository can be resolved in parallel by multiple threads or by multiple build processes.

Bump to newer commit that does not use disallowed method

6e8dc02785fc0f6a2f849e707d5381cdcf93499f removes the use of afterEvaluate in

a lazy configuration action

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lacasseio/lazy/disallow-hooks

Remove unnecessary changes to test report directories

Test tasks have unique paths already

Fix typo in javadoc for `DomainObjectProvider`

Mention `project.gradle.allprojects` as a restricted API

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Extract some source dependendency resolution logic that is common to the offline and online modes into a decorator and add some synchronization so that versions for a given Git repo are not resolved in parallel, but versions from different Git repos are.

Change `BlockingHttpServer` so that it can handle multiple concurrent requests to the same URL.

Reset Git working dir to the Git revision selected for the requested version, rather than whatever revision happens to be the HEAD of the local clone.

Run `git reset` instead of `git update` on the Git clone created for source dependencies, to avoid unnecessary remote operations. Also renamed the working dirs and metadata dirs used for source dependencies.

Remove the internal support for source dependencies from a directory. Now, all source dependencies must be hosted in a Git repository, which may be local.