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Merge pull request #5663 from gradle/oehme/performance/simpler-flames

Merge back flame graph improvements from gradle-profiler

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/gradlebuild/fix-distributed-performance-test'

* origin/lacasseio/gradlebuild/fix-distributed-performance-test:

Fix issue with lazy task configuration conversion

Add integration test for setting the channel for a distributed performance test

Merge back flame graph improvements from gradle-profiler

Simplified flame graphs are now much easier to read,

with a lot more infrastructure frames being collapsed.

Fix duplicate reasons appearing in report

Fix issue with lazy task configuration conversion

Throw UnknownDomainObjectException when extension isn't found

Getting a NullPointerException is unhelpful when you forget to add

a plugin to a project and try to configure an extension.

Before, you would have gotten an exception similar to this:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

at org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.ExtensionsStorage.configureExtension(

at org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.DefaultConvention.configure(

at org.gradle.kotlin.dsl.AccessorsKt.spotless(accessors.kt:63)

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use seperate flag for activating task creation build ops (#5655)

- avoids always printing stats when used with build scan plugin

Fix performance test channel selection

Dogfod ComponentMetadataRule into the Gradle build

This also removes the recently added deprecation suppressions.

Merge pull request #5650 from gradle/wolfs/jmh-plugin-upgrade

Update jmh plugin version

Update jmh plugin version

This fixes overlapping outputs between `jmhRunBytecodeGenerator` and


Require daemon to be used when running Gradle via msbuild

We derive the Gradle environment used by msbuild when we generate the VS metadata.

When running from our embedded executor, we would experience 2 minute "hangs" where

msbuild waits for the Gradle daemon to exit.

Merge pull request #5641 from gradle/sg/lazy/perf-eagerVSlazy

Add performance build comparing lazy vs eager

Merge pull request #5642 from gradle/sg/lazy/remove-createLater

Remove createLater completely

Enable task creation stats for build scan plugin performance tests

Avoid sorting versions when serializing results

We can avoid sorting versions by making sure we use an order-preserving

multimap. Sorting is quite expensive, especially because it's done during

serialization of the result.

Use a string deduplicating encoder for resolution result

A dependency graph will often contain the same strings replicated

a number of times (same group, same version, same reason, ...). So

in order to reduce the time spent reading/writing, we can use a

serializer which will perform deduplication.

Merge pull request #5609 from gradle/gh/lazy-tasks/archive-artifact

Allow archive artifacts to accept lazy task providers

Merge pull request #5644 from gradle/bamboo/idea-extension-public-type

Let `IdeaPlugin` declare public type of `idea` extension

Merge pull request #5643 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl/CacheKey-plus-HashCode

Let `CacheKeyBuilder` accept `HashCode` components

Use newer commit for baseline since the method name changed

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minor polish

fix unit test after renaming

Emit build operation for executing taskgraph whenReady hooks (#5647)

Emit build operation for executing taskgraph whenReady hooks

Avoid using a caching substitution applicator when possible

The caching dependency substitution applicator is expensive, as it

needs to remember about all selectors in a hashmap. But often, there

are no substitution rules whatsoever. In this case, we can avoid the

creation of the cache and short-circuit the application.

Avoid usage of `LinkedHashMap` during selector resolution

When we resolve the list of selectors, we don't need to use a costly

hashmap: instead, we can just use a fixed size list, and perform in

place updates. This consumes less memory and is faster.

Always configure heap dump path

It no longer depends on the user home of the test.

Merge pull request #5645 from gradle/oehme/testing/fix-daemon-reuse

Make daemons with different user home compatible again

Remove unused import

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>