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Recognize Nikita in the release notes

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Merge pull request #3460 from nskvortsov/idea-deps-optimization

Idea deps optimization

Merge pull request #3592 from gradle/oehme/performance/file-snapshot

Optimize IndexNormalizedFileSnapshot

Merge pull request #3599 from gradle/oehme/maven/broken-packaging

Handle broken packaging types gracefully

Fix composite build IDEA test

Make IDE file content order predictable

Use linked sets and maps for things that end up in a file.

This avoids changes depending on OS and Java version.

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Polish IDEA dependency minificaiton

- put the new code in its own class

- made the minifier work in-place instead of creating new objects

- update tests and javadoc

Update wrapper to 4.4 RC2

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Merge branch 'release'

Published 4.4-rc-2

Merge pull request #3586: Improvements to `DependencyMetadata` API

Several methods on `DependencyMetadata` required parameters that seemed to be implicit in the context of the dependency itself. By ensuring that `DependencyMetadata` instances have sufficient context, it was possible to remove these parameters and make this API more comprehensible.

Fix unit test for changes to DefaultDependencyMetadata

Removed interface that proved unnecessary

Bump the metadata cache layout version

Include worker process in kill pattern on Windows

Revert "Temporarily ignore performance test"

This reverts commit d0bcb0ea84418325f230b3bccb248efbcde133ca.

Move `DependencyMetadata.force` to `LocalOriginDependencyMetadata`

We only honour the 'force' attribute for first-level dependencies, so it is

only valid for dependencies described in the build script. (We never

supported the 'force' attribute when defined in Ivy.xml).

Merge pull request #3597 from gradle/lacasseio/ci-health/windows-failure

Improve leaking process kill pattern to match Play app

Merge branch 'dd/dependency-management/dependency-metadata'

Temporarily ignore performance test

This test is failing after the refactorings, and I'd prefer to optimize

after merging.

Merge pull request #3600 from gradle/dd/4.4/shadow-plugin-fix

Fix constructor maintained for backward compatibility with shadow plugin 1.2.4

Merge pull request #3558 from gradle/oehme/performance/fs-mirror

Reuse cached snapshots of unfiltered trees

Add deprecation warning about internal constructor use by shadow plugin

Fix constuctor retained for compatibility with shadow plugin v1.2.x

Handle broken packaging types gracefully

Some POMs on Maven Central use profiles to determine

important information like their packaging type. The

result are unreplaced variables like ${packaging.type}.

Until now we would send requests with these unresolved

variables to remote repositories, which would in some

cases just slow down resolution and in other cases break


Instead we now sanity check substitution variables and don't

even do a remote request if we find something that is definitely

not a valid name/type/extension/version. This makes resolution

fail faster in some cases and gracefully fall back in other cases.

See for a case that

now gracefully falls back to downloading the jar, which is what

Maven would also do in this case.

Fix Configuration.withDependencies example in Javadoc

fixes #3598

Merge pull request #3583 from gradle/oehme/performance/attribute-matching

Remove double bookkeeping in attribute matching

Improve leaking process kill pattern to match Play app

Re-add smoke test for older version of Shadow plugin (1.2.4)

At this time, shadow-1.2.x is one of the most downloaded plugins, so we'd

like to keep it working until the next major release.

This test shows that Gradle 4.4-rc-1 is broken with Shadow-1.2.4.

Merge pull request #3578 from gradle/oehme/performance/dependency-graph

Replace hash sets with linked lists in dependency graph