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Add new test coverage

Expand current test coverage

Introduce `DirectoryElementVisitor` to detect broken symbolic links

Fix existing tests


Mention several contributors in release note

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Use JaCoCo 0.8.1 by default (#4807)

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Fix 4457. Don't set parallel mode and threadCount for testng if not explicitly defined (#4794)

Previously, Gradle default `threadCount` and `parallel` configuration

will overwrite those defined in xml. This PR fixes this by detecting if

the configuration is default value.

Ensure command-line deprecation messages are sent from the client to the daemon, as was previously happening when Java serialization was used. Change signatures on various types to communicate this expectation better.

It would be better if the messages were logged in the client rather than travelling to the daemon and then back again. This change does not address this and simply recreates the situation that was already in place.

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Exclude anonymous class in JUnit Platform (#4774) (#4815)

This fixes

Previously we send anonymous class to JUnit Platform test worker, which caused some issues.

Now they're excluded by name pattern .*\$\d+

Fix typo in files chapter (#4801)

Make ClassMethodNameStackTraceSpec support anonymous class matching (#4797)

Make ClassMethodNameStackTraceSpec support anonymous class matching

This fixes

Previously, when TestExceptionFormatter formats test stacktraces, it tries to

find the exactly matched class/method name as stacktrace truncation point.

However, some kotlin-based tests have only anonymous classes in their stacktraces,

which makes it impossible to find the exact truncation point. This PR treats

`SomeClass$1$1$1` and `SomeClass` equally when performing class name matching.

Allow creation of Task with constructor arguments (#4809)

* Allow creation of Task with constructor arguments

Rough spike on exposing constructor arguments in Task creation DSL

Fixed codestyle failure

Fixed binary compatibility failure

Fixed docs checkstyle on Task.TASK_PARAMS

Fixed infinite recursion

Fixed "broken" tests


Add TaskContainer.create(String, Class<>, Object...)

Add better description to TaskContainer.create(String, Class, Object...)

Add @since & @Incubating to TaskContainer.create(String, Class, Object...)

Ignore some tests of DependencyInjectingInstantiator whose output *should* change

Fix tests in DefaultTaskContainerTest

Avoid explicit cast of DirectInstantiator.INSTANCE to DirectInstantiator

Back out addition of NamedEntityInstantiator.create(String, Class, Object...)

Fix omitting constructorArgs from previous cleanup

Revert DefaultTaskCollection.create(String, Class) to use instantiator

Revert optimize import

Fail if constructorArgs is not a List<> or Object[]

Remove handling of non-@Inject constructor with constructor args

Revert DependencyInjectingInstantiatorTest

Move TaskInternal logic from DefaultTaskContainer to TaskFactory

Make ITaskFactory extend NamedEntityInstantiator again

* Fix AnnotationProcessingTaskFactory.create(String, Class) double-processing

* Update DefaultTaskContainerTest to use ITaskFactory.createTask() for some mocks

* Reduce size of ITaskFactory interface

* Add DefaultTaskContainer.createTask() to avoid adding task multiple times

* Fix test failures related to removing ITaskFactory.createTask(Map)

* Optimize imports

* Optimize imports

* Fix test failures related to removing ITaskFactory.createTask(Map)

* Add tests for Task constructor arguments in Groovy build script

* Add tests for Task constructor arguments in Java plugin via API

* Add tests for Task constructor arguments in Kotlin build script

* Add tests that check for constructorArgs being List or Object[]

By default don't render the welcome message to avoid test flakiness (#4796)

Fix NPE in capabilities conflict resolution

It is possible that a large dependency graph resolves capabilities conflicts 2 by 2, at

different "depth" in the transitive graph. In this case, it is possible for a module to

be selected, but then it needs to be considered again when a new module providing the

same capability appears in the graph. If not, we wouldn't choose any version, producing

an NPE when we read the graph back from the binary store.

The error was discovered during dogfooding, so this commit is a pre-requisite to using

capabilities in the Gradle build (will require a wrapper update).

This commit also improves the selection reason in case of capability conflict resolution,

to make it clear it was upgraded to the latest version.

Revert "Exclude anonymous class in JUnit Platform (#4774)"

This reverts commit abeb7ebb9e3cb17c826ad40caac6a54480beccad.

Add @ToBeImplemented integration tests for #4799

Always report Checkstyle violations-summary from xml report (#3901)

Report Checkstyle violations from xml report, regardless of build pass/fail.

Prior to this, Checkstyle plugin would be silent unless the build failed or

ignoreFailures=true. If thresholds maxErrors and maxWarnings were not met,

reported rule violations in the XML or HTML reports were not mentioned in

build output.

With this change, if Checkstyle is configured to produce an XML report (default),

the report is parsed and violations summarised in the Checkstyle task build output.

This occurs regardless of whether the build failed or not.

Fixed #881

Merge pull request #4791 from gradle/lacasseio/native/no-verbose-flag-by-default

Remove the verbose flag by default for `swiftc`

Merge pull request #4691 from gradle/sg/native/swift-os

Wire operatingSystem into Swift binary types

Fix failing unit tests

Merge pull request #4792 from gradle/bm/flaky-test/welcome-message

Create marker file to prevent rendering of initial welcome message in integration test

Create directory

Fix path for Windows

Create marker file to prevent rendering of initial welcome message

Remove spurious newline from tests that check output

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Remove the verbose flag by default for `swiftc`

Fix issue with timeout in test

Merge pull request #4782 from gradle/dd/dependency-management/fix-4608

Fix #4608 by considering all reject constraints in conflict resolution.

Remove spurious println