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Properly configure sample index Asciidoctor task

Add library publishing sample for Java and Groovy

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Add JUnit 4 testing sample for Java

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Add Spock testing sample for Java and Groovy

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Add transitive dependencies sample for Java and Groovy

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Add basic library sample for Java and Groovy

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Add basic application sample for Java and Groovy

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Update sample plugin to latest version

Merge pull request #11115 from gradle/lacasseio/update-exemplar-plugin-version

Update exemplar sample-check to latest version

Remove debug log

Pin scala_xml version to 1.2.0 for now

Currently scala_xml's latest release is 2.0.0-M1, which is excluded by default

and causes errors. This commit pins the version to 1.2.0 for now.

Merge branch 'release'

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Restore `build-scan` plugin syntax in Kotlin scripts

Closes #11095

Publish 6.0-20191023231811+0000

Update exemplar version to 0.9.0

Recognize contributor

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Remove duplicated test, this is covered by MapPropertyIntegrationTest

Merge pull request #11118 from gradle/jjohannes/platform-disambiguation

Allow regular and enforced variants of one platform to be selected together. Also, always disambiguate between them if one has to be selected.

Cleanup code in PlatformSupport

Increase cache layout version

Rename: `-enforced-platform` -> `-derived-enforced-platform`

Tweak error message.

Remove `platform` dsl from constraint handler

These shortcuts define details of a dependency like attributes,

requested capabilities and 'endorse strict' status. These things

can not be defined on constraints. So these methods only cause

inconsistent behavior.

One can use constraints in combination with platforms like this to

control platform versions:

dependencies {

api platform("org:platform")

constraints {

api "org:platform:1.0"



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Use a different 'shadow capability' for enforced platform

This allows both 'regular' and 'enforced' platform of the same

component to be selected. In order to make this work, support

for projects having shadow capability needed to be added.

Always apply all Category disambiguation rules

Before, parts of the platform disambiguation were only done when

using the 'java-platform' plugin. However, other consumers

may also require all rules (see #11091)

Add tests to reproduce platform disambiguation issues in Gradle 6 RC1


Fix spelling: it's coordinates -> its coordinates

Fix publication warning report

An output is no longer presented if all warnings are silenced by variant


Fixes #11111

Introduce new metadata marker for Gradle 6 (#11109)


Upgrade to idea-ext 0.7 (#11110)

Upgrade to idea-ext 0.7