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Rephrase BOM vs Platform differences

Bump to 5.2 RC1

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Merge pull request #8347 from pvliss/gh-7815

Add note to upgrade guide to not try upgrading to 5.0 and switching to the Kotlin DSL at the same time

Merge pull request #8350 from gradle/pl/add-jpp-to-migrating-maven-doc

Add section on controlling dependency versions to Maven migration guide

Correctly handle when MSBuild doesn't generate output files

Always use first MSBuild output file when ignoring exit code

Ignore MSBuild return code when trying to build unbuildable project

MSBuild behaviour changed between pre-2017 and 2017. It used to fail on

pre-2017 if a project was requested and wasn't buildable. Starting with

2017, MSBuild doesn't fail anymore. The diagnostic message is the same

for all MSBuild version so we assert only on the message.

Use Set for storing activated constraints

Issue #8099

Set collection to null instead of using clear

This simplifies the branch check and the cleanup logic.

Issue #8099

Refactor virtual platform updates

This commit changes the way a virtual platform node gets updated when it

contains new / updated constraints.

Fixes #8099

Add section on controlling dep versions to Maven migration guide

This also includes information on using the new Java Platform Plugin to control

dependency versions across a multi-project build.

Use lenient instantiator for extensible instances

Merge pull request #8284 from gradle/lacasseio/native/vs-ide-unbuildable

Allow Visual Studio IDE generation when unbuildable architecture are present

More test coverage for extension creation

Add note to upgrade guide to not try upgrading to 5.0 and switching to the Kotlin DSL at the same time

Issue #7815

Signed-off-by: Panayiotis Vlissidis <>

Remove output content assertion

Fix exception cause assertion

Fix output assertion typo

Assert on the right output content

Fix configuration expectation for mixed configuration case

Refactor constraints activation

This commit changes the way a node gets updated when it contains a

constraint that moves from pending to active.

Issue #8099

Rebaseline 'clean checkout of largeJavaMultiProjectKotlinDsl'

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Temporarily ignore wrapper integ test

Ensure solution file generation is deterministic

Add test coverage for building solution on unbuildable configuration

Support multi-project with some unbuildable project

Use the right Visual Studio project name

Fix test failures on Windows

Allow unbuildable configuration to work with Visual Studio

Add more test coverage for unbuildable os vs architecture