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Removed the old performanceTest directory.

Moved the performance test into our subprojects layout. Some initial work in the performance test.

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Spiked making performance testing outside of the gradle main project. It's not really possible as I need various things: 1. good way of running gradle (tooling api is almost there) 2. good way of using previous versions of gradle So... the performance testing probably goes under the main gradle project.

Added some initial stuff for the performance test

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Removed redundant buildscript configuration

Tidying up - made the required dependency more explicit & cleaner.

Some cleanup / reorganization in the performance test

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downgraded to Groovy 1.8.4 due to GROOVY-5212

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updated Groovy to 1.8.5 also updated most usages in tests to 1.8.5 (often from 1.7.10)

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Some tweaks to test project generation to allow a project to have a different number of prod and test classes.

Upgraded to slf4j-api 1.6.4 and logback 1.0.0.

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Changed a whole bunch of places to use Instantiator instead of ClassGenerator.

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Include a compile dependency in benchmarking projects

Upgraded to Groovy 1.7.10

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Updated performance test templates

Changed performanceTest generation to allow mixes of projects with different number of source files, and different sized source files.

Fixes to make performanceTest source generation much faster

Updated to JUnit 4.8.2, TestNG 5.14.10, asm 3.3.1, commons-lang 2.6

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Updated to Groovy 1.7.8 for build script execution.

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Updated to groovy 1.7.6

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Updated to latest version of groovy. Also updated some samples

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Some updates

Some updates to the performanceTest templates

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GRADLE-800 - Changed AntTest to implement JavaForkOptions. - Removed a bunch of now unused properties from JUnitOptions, JUnitForkOptions and TestNGOptions

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Some updates to the performance test projects, to make sure each build (gradle, ant and maven) does more or less the same work.

Some updates to performanceTest build script

Some updates to the performanceTest projects for large projects

Added support for generating groovy projects to the performanceTest project.

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Another quick performance improvement: Don't construct all the Ivy infrastructure when resolving a Configuration with no dependencies, just return an empty ResolvedConfiguration.

git-svn-id: 004c2c75-fc45-0410-b1a2-da8352e2331b

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Some performance fixes: - Ported AnnotationProcessingTaskFactory from Groovy to Java - Replaced usages of TaskAction with Action<Task> on Task interface - Cache all scripts, including empty and embedded scripts. - Cache scripts in ~/.gradle/scriptCache, rather than $scriptDir/.gradle

git-svn-id: 004c2c75-fc45-0410-b1a2-da8352e2331b

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