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generated new verification metadata for the grade enterprise plugin 3.2.1

update gradle enterprise plugin version

update gradle enterprise plugin version

update gradle enterprise plugin version

Merge pull request #12657 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/re-enable-soak-test

Re-enable VFS retention soak test

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/64/new-jquery'

* origin/sg/64/new-jquery:

Update to latest version of jQuery

Publish 6.3-20200401230036+0000

Even fewer events on Windows

Try to avoid overflow on Windows

Pull module path calculation into Test task (#12685)

This way, the JvmTestExecutionSpec already carries the final

classpath and module path. This makes is easier to create alternative

test worker implementations based on the spec.

Merge pull request #12659 from gradle/jjohannes/jpms/release-property-2

Use release/targetComp setting of compile task for jvm version attribute

Merge pull request #12505 from gradle/eskatos/ie/report-broken-value

Report broken Provider<*> or FileCollection with instant execution

Update documentation regarding http proxy. (#12688)

Gradle uses separate proxy settings for http vs https.

This is slightly different than the traditional JVM proxy settings which

use the same `http.nonProxyHosts` for both.

[Regular JVM docs here](

Notice the line: The HTTPS protocol handler will use the same nonProxyHosts property as the HTTP protocol.

Gradle behaves differently. To make the actual behaviour consistent with the doc, we change the doc to actual behaviour for now.

Signed-off-by: Nelson Osacky <>

Always prefer Java version configured in release over target/source (#12670)

This is needed for backwards compatibility with the tooling API

and plugins that rely on the old API to get the Java version

of a project/task.

Publish 6.3-20200331230032+0000

Make assertions of sample snippet test more lenient

The selected 'commons-lang3' artifact can change over time as

we request 'latest.rc'. So we just check that resolution is successful

but not which artifact was selected.

Merge pull request #12595 from gradle/eskatos/ie/rework-error-problem-handling

Rework instant execution problem handling to report in build failure when appropriate

Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/ie/rework-error-problem-handling

Check if module path derivation is enabled for library elements attribute

This now sets the library elements attribute using the lazy

beforeLocking() mechanism similar to how the target platform

attribute is set.

Make JavaModuleDetector method signatures more consistent

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