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Do not change extension of published artifact based on pom packaging

We now publish the artifacts as they were defined in the build.

If the packaging and artifact extension should be aligned, this

can easily be done by adjusting the artifact extension when

building it (e.g. by utilizing jar.archiveExtension.set())

Before this change, Gradle Module Metadata was broken for artifacts

that were changed after the metadata file has been generated

(newly added 'MavenPublishPomPackagingJavaIntegTest' tests failed).

Restore behavior of pom packaging changing the main artifact extension

This restores the behavior before #9445 (before 5.6) and with

that fixes #10555.

The behavior for non-jar packaging is still problematic and should

be changed for 6.0 as it leads to broken Gradle Module Metadata.

Update wrapper to 5.6.2

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Merge pull request #10435 from gradle/zchase/docs-build-cache-training-promotion

Add build cache training promotion link to selected docs

Link to fixed issues in release notes

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Bump to 5.6.1

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Merge pull request #10433 from gradle/sg/regressions/memory-leak

Prevent memory leaks across builds when using worker API

Merge pull request #10403 from gradle/donat/duplicate-eclipse-cp-entry

Remove duplicate project dependency from generated Eclipse classpath file

Prepare for 5.6.2

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Make sure the memory leak tests for workers use separate daemons

Fix tests

Fix typo

Add test for legacy worker API as well

Reproduce OOM with out-of-process worker API

Add build cache training promotion link to selected docs

Remove duplicate project dependency from Eclipse classath when project is referenced with different configuration

Use a non-decorated fork options when creating fork options for worker daemon

WorkerDaemonClients are retained across builds, so any object associated with

it must not contain project state since this will be kept around until the worker


- Introduce a newDecoratedJavaForkOptions which creates a decorated JavaForkOptionsInternal

- Replace calls to the decorated version of the method with non-decorated versions where appropriate

Fix resolving `DirectoryTee` elements of a `FileCollection`.

Merge pull request #10369 from gradle/sg/regressions/deprecated-classloader

Fix regression

Avoid sharing the same id for the deprecated classloader as the real classloader

Merge pull request #10316 from gradle/breskeby/scan-plugin-2-4-1

Update default scan plugin version to 2.4.1

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/blindpirate/fix-10347' into release

* origin/blindpirate/fix-10347:

Override getResources in DefaultDeprecatedClassLoader

Merge pull request #10352 from gradle/jjohannes/duplicated-publication-warning

Turn 'multiple publications with same coordinates' error into warning

Recognize contributor

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enhanced test source folder detection for eclipse task. (#10320)

Fixes eclipse/buildship#909

Signed-off-by: Christian Dietrich <>

Turn 'multiple publications with same coordinates' error into warning

This reduces the severity of the error detection introduced in #9466.

Although this situation is technically an error that should be avoided

as it causes information loss in the published result, in some testing

scenarios builds may rely on this behavior. So instead of failing,

Gradle now prints a warning message.

Override getResources in DefaultDeprecatedClassLoader

This fixes

In we introduced a DefaultDeprecatedClassLoader,

which overrides getResource() but not getResources(). This causes some issues.

This PR fixes the issue by correctly overriding getResources() method.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/issues/10323' into release

* origin/gh/issues/10323:

Clean up open file handle in properties test

Fix issue with properties object not being isolatable

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/regressions/archive-task-props' into release

* origin/sg/regressions/archive-task-props:

Setters for legacy properties backed by Property clear conventions


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gh/worker-api/no-isolation-classloader' into release

* origin/gh/worker-api/no-isolation-classloader:

Simplify buildscript classpath in composite test

Rename test project name for clarity

Clean up worker composite test

Ensure that no-isolation workers run with the classloader of the submitting thread