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Merge pull request #13724 from gradle/jjohannes/gradle-build/dependency-declarations

Move dependency declarations in Gradle build

Move more test dependency GA coordinates into constants

Dogfood new APIs in Gradle build


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Remove unnecessary attribute re-declaration on secondary variant

Fix verification

Bump conventions plugin to 0.4

Publish 6.6-20200708230533+0000

Make sure is always considered as input

This is ignored by @Classpath normalization.

Use separate configuration for platform dependency

Merge pull request #13647 from gradle/vv/pipelines-for-jdk15-jdk16

Add CI pipelines for running tests against JDK15 and JDK16

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Publish 6.6-20200707230108+0000

Use same configuration code for remote and local publication

Fix typo

Consistently use camel case

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Remove unused method parameter

Publish 6.6-milestone-3

Sort aplhabetically

Extract common versions into constants

Use idiomatic Kotlin in component metadata rules setup

Merge pull request #13650 from gradle/cc/dm/high-level-jvm-api

Introduce higher-level JVM plugin APIs

Clarify javadocs

Remove redundant parameter

Set artifact id in library publications

This was accidentally removed in #13624

Remove unused import

Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Jendrik Johannes <>

Add credentials to promotion jobs

Move dependency declarations

- Coordinates go into final fields of the 'libs' extension

- Versions are defined in the platform

- The platform is used everywhere

Note: We now published the 'resolved versions' for the modules we

also publish independently. This should give the same result as

before, where we explicitly declared a 'required' version that would

correspond to the resolved version.

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Polish JvmVariantBuilder

This commit adds an integration test for the JVM variant builder,

removes the `withJar` method (because if we don't produce a jar,

most projects won't work, we could introduce a `withoutJar` method

in the future if this turns out to be a problem) and renames the

`secondaryComponent` method for clarity.

Merge pull request #13696 from gradle/jjohannes/gralde-build/remove-global-state

Small build logic simplification

Add missing method from interface