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Notify VFS about removed output when sources are removed (#11726)

Notify VFS about removed output when sources are removed

Add a test showing the problem

Require isolated daemons for VFS retention tests

Publish 6.1-20191219082728+0000

Publish 6.1-20191219002843+0000

Introduce some local variables.

Reuse test fixture to determine output bytecode version.

Register `javaInstalls` extension with a public type.

Merge pull request #11721 from gradle/eskatos/smoke/android

Smoke test AGP 3.6.0-rc01 and 4.0.0-alpha06

Smoke test AGP 4.0.0-alpha06

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Smoke test AGP 3.6.0-rc01

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Polish AndroidPluginsSmokeTest

fix formatting

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #11702 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin-dsl/guard-against-empty-zip-file

Add offending file name to exception caused by empty jar in the classpath

Merge branch 'release'

Update verification metadata

Dependencies have been upgraded on the 6.1 release branch without

adding the corresponding sha256 hashes.

Merge pull request #11713 from gradle/eskatos/ie/android-from-ide

Coverage for Android Instant Execution from Studio

Fix reference to api configuration

The problem didn't make the build fail, yet, due to #11681.

Merge pull request #11694 from gradle/vvaluckas/fix-tooling-sources-using-new-api

Assemble sources jars for tooling-api using recent API

Change the API of `JavaInstallation` and `JavaInstallationRegistry`.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/native/fix-flaky-model-resolve' into release

* origin/lacasseio/native/fix-flaky-model-resolve:

Prevent dead lock in dependent component report task

Ignore new test for instant execution

Fix CI failures around new constructor argument

Work around testing vs real Gradle

Use project lock when resolving model

Polish, parameter is a Provider not a String

Fix reference to renamed method

Fix javadoc

Edit Javadocs of `HasConfigurableValue` to clarify contract.

Include the classes of `launcher` in the Gradle API jar.

Revert "Publish 6.1-20191218000035+0000"

This reverts commit 40c993972031450e642a4a455fa2c2d658a11c55.

Publish 6.1-20191218000035+0000

Publish 6.1-20191218000035+0000

Polish release notes, release features and upgrade guide

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