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Converted many Groovy script to Kotlin and improved the Kotlin DSL usage in some existing Kotlin scripts.

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Moved some VCS interfaces out of coreApi and into versionControl project.

Merge pull request #6003 from gradle/lacasseio/lazy/disallow-hooks

Disallow use of hooks by a lazy task configuration action

Fix some concurrency issues in source dependency resolution, so that a dependency on a particular Git repository can be resolved in parallel by multiple threads or by multiple build processes.

Bump to newer commit that does not use disallowed method

6e8dc02785fc0f6a2f849e707d5381cdcf93499f removes the use of afterEvaluate in

a lazy configuration action

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lacasseio/lazy/disallow-hooks

Remove unnecessary changes to test report directories

Test tasks have unique paths already

Fix typo in javadoc for `DomainObjectProvider`

Mention `project.gradle.allprojects` as a restricted API

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Extract some source dependendency resolution logic that is common to the offline and online modes into a decorator and add some synchronization so that versions for a given Git repo are not resolved in parallel, but versions from different Git repos are.

Change `BlockingHttpServer` so that it can handle multiple concurrent requests to the same URL.

Reset Git working dir to the Git revision selected for the requested version, rather than whatever revision happens to be the HEAD of the local clone.

Run `git reset` instead of `git update` on the Git clone created for source dependencies, to avoid unnecessary remote operations. Also renamed the working dirs and metadata dirs used for source dependencies.

Remove the internal support for source dependencies from a directory. Now, all source dependencies must be hosted in a Git repository, which may be local.

Some tweaks to source dependency error messages.

Add `--offline` support for source dependencies. The result of resolving a given version selector against a given repo is persisted across builds and the result reused in a later build if run in `--offline` mode.

Move the source dependency resolution infrastructure out of the dependency management project and into version control project.

Fix integration tests

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lacasseio/lazy/disallow-hooks

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Merge ProtectApiService into CrossProjectConfigurator

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Detangle the source dependency resolver from the project dependency resolver so that the source dependency resolver can move out of the dependency management project.

Merge pull request #6112 from gradle/sg/lazy/domain-object-provider

Introduce DomainObjectProvider

Remove special handling for test report directories

Test reports use a unique directory by default now

Introduce DomainObjectProvider

Domain object containers return a DomainObjectProvider instead of a plain Provider

so users can configure domain objects

This is similar to the previously introduced TaskProvider

Remove stale files for scala compilation (#6093)

Whenever Zinc doesn't have the data to remove them.

Merge pull request #6105 from gradle/eskatos/perf/require-settings

Let all performance tests require a settings script

Introduce an in-memory cache to avoid duplicate Git operations during a build invocation when using source dependencies. In particular, list the versions of the repo once per build invocation and clone/update a given revision once per build.

Add some Javadocs.

Removed if statement whose condition is always false.

Added a test case that exposes a bunch of duplicate and unnecessary Git operations that may be performed when using source dependencies.