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Replace global test listeners with task test listeners for deamon clean up

Merge pull request #4619 from gradle/hansd/moduleType

Introduced the property moduleType to derive source compatibility

[gradlebuild] 2nd attempt for fixing copyright configuration in ide plugin

[gradlebuild] Fixed bug with copyright configuration in the IDE plugin

[gradlebuild] Replaced usage of obsolete BuildHost class with BuildEnvironment

Apply java-library plugin for Groovy projects in buildSrc (#4590)

Polish BuildScanPlugin.kt

Using .flatMap{} instead of .map{}.flatten()

Emit build operation progress events for logging output (#4537)

* Tweak BuildOperationListener#progress api

* Use build operation id to reference progress

* Add workaround for tracing log output via build operation progress for composite builds

* Replace some Object typing of operation identifiers with OperationIdentifier.

* Associate all progress logging with the current build operation.

* Update logic to accommodate for all progress events now having build operation IDs.

* Don't allow ProgressStartEvent.buildOperationCategory to be null.

** Default it to uncategorized.

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Update tagging plugin to 0.43

Update tagging plugin to 0.42

Introduced the property moduleType to derive source compatibility settings

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Add files missed from bad merge.

Merge pull request #4599 from gradle/ldaley/current-build-operation

Rationalise handling of “current” build operation and build operation ID

Merge pull request #4594 from gradle/dd/dependency-management/constraint-test-coverage

More test coverage for constraints, including several tests demonstrating bugs in the current implementation.

Revert "Another hack to get a fixed dist published"

This reverts commit 28aeb28941b28a475eb133e5ae443b7f92767b02.

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Rationalise handling of “current” build operation and build operation ID

For an upcoming change to emit console logging as build operation progress events, we need to associate all progress logging with the build operation. This pulled a thread on some long overdue cleanup.

The end result is:

1. Base build operation infrastructure is consolidated org.gradle.internal.operations.

2. Mechanism for passing thread global current build operation is more test friendly, and better named.

3. A consistent mechanism is used for binding the current operation to the thread, instead of two mechanisms.

4. Build operation IDs are typed to OperationIdentifier.

There is no public API or user behaviour change.

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Another hack to get a fixed dist published

This should be removed immediately once we update the wrapper

Revert "Temporary hack to get fixed wrapper published"

This reverts commit 14c154734a0da057913d378b630927b6fe84fae6.

Merge pull request #4613 from gradle/hansd/refactorBuildsrc

Refactored packages and plugins in buildSrc

Merge pull request #4614 from gradle/gh/fixes/docs-publication

Fix for broken publication in docs project

Only validate artifacts that will be published

The 'uploadArchives' task generates an ivy file referencing _all_

configurations in a project. However, only a subset of these

configurations are actually published: i.e. have the artifacts

published to the server.

Our validation of published artifacts was somewhat inconsistent:

- Only published artifacts were checked for existence

- All artifacts were verified not to be a directory.

This commit changes this validation so that only artifacts

that will be published are verified. This allows a unpublished

configuration to have a directory artifact.

Temporary hack to get fixed wrapper published

Fix for broken publication in docs project

When we added configurations to the docs project to allow other

projects to consume the css directory via publications, we broke

the repository publication of this project as it tries to publish

the css directory as an artifact and blows up.

This fix works around the issue by 1) removing the cssElements

artifacts from the archives configuration to prevent it from being

published and 2) removing directory artifacts from the generated

metadata file and only erroring if the artifact is actually being


Merge pull request #4575 from gradle/wolfs/lock-build-src

Re-introduce removed lock for building buildSrc

Link `ToBeImplemented` tests to GH issues

Fix test that demonstrates bug in constraints

Merge pull request #4595: Simpler fix to avoid services gradle org lookups

This PR reverts the [hotfix]( for gradle/gradle-private#1137 in favour of a simpler approach. By simply adding the missing `revision` token to the ivy pattern for repositories that access ``, no remote requests will be made for constraints with no version defined.

Merge pull request #4600 from gradle/wolfs/kotlin-dsl/validate-task-properties-buildSrc

Add validateTaskProperties task to buildSrc