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Update Gradle Enterprise plugin to 3.1-rc-3

Update to 6.0.1

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Add note about 6.0 patch releases to release notes

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Document GMM validation rules

Also fix language in migration and spec documents.

Merge pull request #11385 from gradle/bamboo/release/11335/ii

Add note about new Kotlin DSL script templates to the upgrade guide

Specify and document variant validation rules

Gradle module metadata: forbid no version at all

With this change, it becomes illegal to create a Gradle Module Metadata

file that has depedencies or constraints declared without any version at

all across all variants.

Improve wording of Kotlin DSL script base types section in the upgrade guide

Add note about new Kotlin DSL script templates to the upgrade guide

Prove the new script templates are not missing any members

- prove new init script template is not missing any members from the legacy


- prove new setting script template is not missing any members from the legacy


Mark `InitScriptApi` and `SettingsScriptApi` deprecated

And provide a suggestion to `replaceWith` the corresponding script receiver.

Fix instructions for skipping sha256 and sha512

Also document their creation in the publishing chapter.

Issue #11308

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Document deprecation of uploadArchives and maven

Desugar producer attribute if the requesting attribute is desugared (#11372)

This can be the case if an attribute on a dependency is published

and the resolved target of the dependency is a local project.

For example, a published platform dependency to a local java-platform


We support 'Named' and 'Enum' for desugaring as that are the only

non-primitve types we currently allow to be published in Gradle

Module Metadata.

Rename creation method to create*

Issue #11321

Add Maven local version listing test

Issue #11321

Fix Maven local version listing

There is no way to rely on a `maven-metadata.xml` for Maven local

version listing.

Since Gradle 6.0 removed the default `artifact()` metadata source, this

causes all dynamic version resolution to fail with Maven local.

This commit changes the way Maven local is handled to _always_ do

version listing through directory listing.

Fixes #11321

Merge pull request #11361 from gradle/wolfs/build-scans-on-release

Update to Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.1-rc-2 (#11320)

Restrict base version for cross version test

So it doesn't try to run on pre 5.x versions. PathSensitivity has been

introduced in 3.1, though it doesn't make much sense to run the test

pre 5.0.


Add a system property to disable publishing of SHA-256

This commit adds an internal system property which can be used as

a workaround whenever the remote repository doesn't accept SHA-256

and SHA-512 checksums. Gradle is fail-safe when it cannot upload

those files, however, in some situations, the remote repository may

not allow promoting the release if it finds such files. This is the

case in older repositories, or currently with Maven Central.

To disable publication of both SHA-256 and SHA-512 checksums, either:

- add `-Dorg.gradle.internal.publish.checksums.insecure` to the CLI or

- add `org.gradle.internal.publish.checksums.insecure=true` to your

`` file

Fixes #11308

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Merge pull request #11347 from gradle/bamboo/release/11335/i

Preserve behaviour of `fileTree(mapOf(...))` for backward compatibility

Merge pull request #11331 from gradle/wolfs/java-compile/fix-android

Fix AndroidJavaCompile not detecting incremental changes

Add 5.6.4 to released versions

Accept breaking change

The breaking change actually fixes the problem.

Merge branch 'release'

Prepare for 6.0.1

Polish `DefaultKotlinScript`

- Reduce scope of unchecked_cast annotation

Polish `KotlinBuildScriptIntegrationTest`

- Replace `` by `iterable.joinToString(f)`

Register implicit capabilities for conflict detection in more cases (#11334)

In general conflict detection for implicit capabilities is skipped

for performance optimization. However, if the corresponding capability

is explicitly declared by another component that was visited *before*,

we need to do the conflict detection between the component with

the implicit capability and the one visited earlier.

See also: #11300

Allow publication artifacts to be defined as files through providers

*Updated solution based on feedback to #11329*

This used to work in Gradle 5.5 (see #11054).

The combination of #9467 and #6775 broke this.

A builtBy dependency is added if the artifact is a TaskDependencyContainer,

which all Providers are (#9467). This dependency was silently doing

nothing in case of a plain File/String. This became an error (#6775)

because a File/String is nothing that can be resolved to a task.

We now only add a builtBy dependency, if the provider value or content is

actually produced by a task.