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remove website project

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remove css link

Inlined the roadmap code now that it's sourced from the forum.

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Include the .htaccess file in the site.

explicitly support short php tags

Removed some old experimental stuff that is not used.

add full install task that installs the site and all dependent repo.

Avian metadata.

Eventually I'll work out a way to keep this out of the source tree, but for now it's much more convenient to keep it in.

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Added iX article to website

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Integrated new dynamic training data into site.

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- Changed Releases task type to include type of current release (release vs snapshot) in generated releases.xml - Changed website build to generate links based on the type of the current Gradle release, rather than the type of website build being performed. This means you can upload to for a real Gradle release, and get a much closer approximation of what will be uploaded to

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Some website changes: - Include link to migration guide and known issues for current release. - Include release date of each release. - Some style tweaks.

Get rid of green border from logo that shows up in IE.

a little bit more work on the books page.

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clear fix the content section.

add a class to the body tag based on the page filename to enable per page styling.

Removed some book meta-data and formatted the page. Closed the unclosed <a> link tag

First pass at book addition to site

Add the book to the get excited page.

Update roadmap wording.

fix html task inputs.

fix task dependencies for site upload.

Publish a version of the site with all file extension to local files removed, to hide that we are using PHP.

Added book page.

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update roadmap link

Removed some wiki based links from the footer.

shuffling some footer links.

updated people page.

remove codehaus links?