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Move some classes out of 'launcher' project to 'buildEvents'.

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Add a new `buildEvents` project to hold the code responsible for assembling the public 'build operation' event stream for forwarding to the tooling API and to metrics collectors registered by build logic.

The project is empty in this commit.

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Introduce an API to allow task metrics to be collected by build logic.

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Use native-platform to determine the hostname of the current machine.

Split a separate service out of `InetAddressFactory` to do the hostname resolution.

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Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #9840 from gradle/lptr/files/simplify-file-matchers""

This reverts commit 669ec8c0211ad7e36ec4a91921e2da5da8619bef.

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Revert "Merge pull request #9840 from gradle/lptr/files/simplify-file-matchers"

This reverts commit 72dc39d9784910196e7840ac35317bc46ef4c4a1, reversing

changes made to 69ffd7ea87b343cb6f0f03b947b7605a5bea02b1.

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Rename :files project to :file-collections

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Simplify launcher project structure

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Apply 'java-library' to more subprojects

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Change all subprojects to use 'implementation' dependencies

This includes:

- All projects now explicitly declare all dependencies to other

subprojects. This makes issues more visible, guards for accidental

addition of new dependencies, and leaks much less transitive

dependencies on the compile classpathes.

- All usages of 'runtime' to declare dependencies have been replaced

with 'runtimeOnly'

- All projects are now `java-library` (and declare this explicitly)

- Most remaining Groovy scripts are translated to Kotlin

- The old 'compile' and 'runtime' configurations are not

configured/created anymore for the 'testFixture' and 'integTest'

source sets.

- Some obsolete dependencies (see previous commits) are removed

- 'api' is used scarcely on purpose as the current project structure is

not well designed for this. The projects contain code for several

concerns of the build tool and thus putting complete projects on the

API of others exposes too much. They should be split up along

functional concerns first.

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Make more subprojects use Java 8 and remove redundant module types (#9447)

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Report TAPI progress events for work items

This commit introduces a new `OperationType.WORK_ITEM` and adds specific

`ProgressEvent` implementations. For backwards compatibility, if the

new OperationType is not requested, but `OperationType.GENERIC` is, it

will be reported as a generic build operation.

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Take advantage of Kotlin DSL plugin spec builders

For they allow code navigation to the plugin implementation classes.

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Convert :tooling-api-builders build script to Kotlin

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