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Allow scripts larger than 64KB

By storing large scripts as a resource instead of a script constant in

the emitted bytecode.

Resolves #1305

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Move kotlin-dsl in a sub directory

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Make the script compilation cache relocatable

By storing the post-processed second stage script text as a constant

in the emitted bytecode instead of keeping it in an external file.

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Don't store original script path in the residual program

But take it from the given `ScriptSource` and cache it in the script


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Avoid setting up the embedded Kotlin repository

The embedded Kotlin repository and the version of the embedded

libraries don't need to be configured for:

- script plugins without a `buildscript` / `initscript` block, for no

libraries will ever be resolved

- top-level `Settings` scripts without a `buildscript` block

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Move decision of computing accessors classpath to specialized program

And make the accessors classpath hash part of `ProgramId`.

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Remove unused code

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Apply base plugins to `Project` targets

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Specialize `Project` scripts containing a `plugins` block

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Enable partial evaluation optimisation for `Project` script plugins

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Polish `Interpreter`

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Enable location aware exception handling for `Settings` scripts

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Preserve original source hash across invocations

This avoids recomputing the source hash once when the stage 2 program

is first compiled and it preserves the original source hash (the

specialized stage2 program source will usually be different from the

original source due to the stage 1 fragments being erased).

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Optimise script execution via partial evaluation techniques

For now only enabled for `Settings` scripts.

See the documentation on the `Interpreter` class for more details.

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