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Fix tests that were using in scripts under test

using instead, both are internal anyway

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Increase integration test timeout

Fixes gradle/build-tool-flaky-tests#1

Make totalMemory and freeMemory consistent

We were using different data sources for total and free physical

memory on Linux and MacOS, which lead us to detect memory pressure

were there was in fact none, e.g. when running in containers with

resource limits.

We now get both total and available memory from the same OS specific

data source.

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Set timeout for AbstractIntegrationSpec (#5806)

We have been bitten by CI build exection timeout for a long time.

This PR introduces timeout for AbstractIntegrationSpec in order to

monitor execution timeout. Upon timeout, a spock interceptor can

print all threads' stack traces in all JVMs so that we can diagnose

the potential issues in other JVMs (daemons, test workers, etc.).

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Sample macOS system memory using native-platform instead of vm_stat

See #1270

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First stab at worker processes providing jvm memory information

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Tightening up test for memory status updates

Revert "Fix flakiness due to the MemoryStatus output"

This reverts commit ca754a8b507894359745c79d3129bab4bab78990.

Move memory health types from :core to :processServices

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