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Align implementations of artifact identifier display names

DefaultModuleComponentArtifactIdentifier now behaves similar as

ComponentFileArtifactIdentifier (showing the full actual file name).

This means that the artifact name used during reporting now

contains the version at the usual position in the file name.

This way it shows the actual file name for artifacts originating

from pom-only maven repositories (except snapshots, which show the

SNAPSHOT placeholder) and ivy repositories with default pattern.

The motivation for this alignment is to get the same representation for

the same file, independent of whether it was sourced from traditional

or Gradle module metadata.

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Do not drop variant attributes in results based on maven artifacts

FixedComponentArtifacts dropped the variant attributes (stored in

ConfigurationMetadata) for no clear reason. Because of this, the

attributes in the resolve result differed depending on whether the

variant was constructed from pom or GMM.

This is only affecting the attributes reported in the result. During

matching, which happens earlier, all attributes were already considered.

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