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Use public services in native plugins to construct `FileCollection` instances, rather than using internal `FileOperations`.

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Remove unnecessary constructor argument

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Differentiate between artifacts that are dirs/zips

- Add artifactType attributes to the api configuration and published


- Recognize directory artifacts and add explicit artifactType (instead

of "")

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Convert cpp headers zip handling to artifact transform

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Address code review comment

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Revert `CppTargetMachine` to `CppPlatform`

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Move Swift source compatibility to `SwiftTargetMachine` on `SwiftBinary`

This commit still doesn't consider the source compatibility when

selecting the tool chain.

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Break association between current and software model type

Move `NativePlatform` getter to internal type.

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Decorate all domain collection container for emitting build ops (#7876)

* Update all domain object container with decorator for tracing executed callback actions

* Add decorator to a ll required occurances of DefaultDomainObjectSet

* Keep ctor for DefaultPolymorphicDomainObjectContainer as its used in gradle-idea-ext plugin

* Bring back DefaultDomainObjectSet constructor used by the android plugin

* keep backwards compatibility

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Remove unused references to TargetMachineFactory

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Move `TargetMachineFactory#host()` to internal API

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Isolate native service and class within `platformNative` project

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Change x64() to x86_64()

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Move TargetMachineFactory up to a project service

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Add support for declaring target machines

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Replace all usages of the property factory methods on `ProjectLayout` and `DefaultTask` with the factory methods on `ObjectFactory`.

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Replace internal `SourceDirectorySetFactory` with a method on public `ObjectFactory` service, to allow plugins to create instances of this type without resorting to using internal types.

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Expose the variant name and header directories for each C++ binary in the C++ tooling model.

Rework construction of the native binary models so that the binary names are not formatted and parsed a bunch of times during construction and so do not lose information.

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Use immutable file collections whenever possible (#5797)

- Stop DefaultProject implementing FileOperations/ProcessOperations

- Stop BasicScript implementing FileOperations/ProcessOperations

- FileResovler.resolveUri() is not nullable

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Use native variant identity for name suffix

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Align Swift and C++ library implementation test

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Fix `DefaultCppApplicationTest`

Fix `DefaultCppLibraryTest`

Fix `DefaultCppBinaryTest` by adding operating system family to identity

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Added a display name for each native component implementation.

Added a convenience to `Describables` to format a display name for an object with a type and a name.

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Added methods to the various native component types to allow implementation and API dependencies to be declared on the component instance instead of on the project's `dependencies` block, for consistency with the binaries.

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Added an (internal for now) `names` property to each C++ and Swift binary, which code that needs to construct names for the binary can use instead of reverse engineering this from the name of the binary. This allows for different binaries to use different schemes (which they already do but communicate this through special names).

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Moved responsibility for defining the Maven publications for a native component down to the `NativeBasePlugin` and out of the various C++ plugins.

Also publish the static variant of a C++ library if it is defined.

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Introduced an abstraction for a native component that has a development binary, and use this for libraries and applications, but not test suites. Removed the `developmentBinary` property from the test suite types.

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Changed construction of the binaries of a native component to avoid leaking the services used by the binary implementations into the components.

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