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Added `getLocationOnly()` to file system properties, to provide lazy access to just the location of the file system element, rather than both the location and the content of the file system element.

This can be used when mapping the location of a task output to produce an input to some other task, without implying a dependency on the producing task. For example, an IDE project file generation task may need to know where some output will end up (so need to know its location) but does not use the content of the output.

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Fix task dependency inference when a mapped task output file `Property` is used as input to an `@Input` on another task.

Move some test utility methods out of the artifact transform tests into a more general place, and reuse in some of the task dependency inference tests.

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Rename registerTransform{Action -> }

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Use new transform API for UnzipTransform

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Simplify artifact types and make them more generic

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Move UnzipTransform to a top-level type

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Remove unnecessary constructor argument

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Differentiate between artifacts that are dirs/zips

- Add artifactType attributes to the api configuration and published


- Recognize directory artifacts and add explicit artifactType (instead

of "")

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Merge pull request #8222 from gradle/lacasseio/native/reduce-redundant-properties

Remove reference to `NativePlatform` type from new C++/Swift plugins

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Address code review comment

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Make warning message more informative

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Only warn if the current operating system isn't targetted by a component

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Fail specifically when target machines do not target current machine

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Perform validation check when task dependencies are calculated

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Test task fails when current operating system is not targeted

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Make assemble fail when nothing can be built

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Reduce the use of ProjectInternal and introduce more lambdas

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Move public method into internal utility class

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Move `TargetMachineFactory#host()` to internal API

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Isolate native service and class within `platformNative` project

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Only set install name on Windows and Linux

Replace Callable, Transformer, Action in NativeBasePlugin with lambdas

Remove use of providers.provider in several places in native base plugin

Use linker task target platform instead

Remove TODO

Set `installName` for linux target

Change the C++ tooling model builder so that it does not attempt to resolve task dependencies to infer how to build the various C++ binaries, Instead add properties to the C++ project model to allow the builder to query these tasks and build logic to explicitly define what they should be.

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Use new task API in native plugins

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Allow native publications with custom coordinates

The `afterEvaluate {}` block in the native base plugin

was overwriting any user-specified logic.

Replacing it with the Provider API fixes this issue and

also allows late changes to the defaults.

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Deprecate DeferredConfigurable

Remove it from the publishing plugins, as they no longer require it.

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