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Rename @FailsWithInstantExecution to @ToBeFixedForInstantExecution

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Annotate integ tests failing with instant execution in :ide

There's a large number of junit tests in that module, descendent of

AbstractIdeIntegrationTest. This commit simply ignores them all when

running with the 'instant' executer because the junit fixture isn't

very handy, they were all failing for the same reason as other spock

based tests from that module anyway.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Add some more test coverage to verify the IDE plugins are consistent in how they behave in composite builds. This just covers a couple of simple scenarios.

Change the `eclipse` task of the root project so that it generates the Eclipse projects for all builds, and so produces usable project files when there are included builds.

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Add some test coverage to verify that each of the IDE plugins can be applied to `buildSrc`.

Start growing some cross-cutting test coverage for the IDE plugins, so the plugins can become less different to each other.

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Fixes to ensure that `gradle :idea` generates all of the modules that are referenced in the IDEA project and so produces a functional IDEA project. Previously, this was working by assuming that a user would always run `gradle idea` and would never write or use any automation that happened to invoke `:idea`. This change fixes `gradle openIdea` to generate a functional IDEA project for multi-project builds.

Added a bunch of test coverage to ensure that `gradle :idea` does not generate too much stuff as well, when modules are excluded from the project.

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Pull methods up to `IdePlugin` from `XcodePlugin`

Signed-off-by: Daniel Lacasse <daniel@gradle.com>

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More tests for IDEA de-duplication in composite

- Test IML dependencies when module names are de-duplicated

- Test de-duplication when not all projects have 'idea' plugin applied.

(Not yet implemented: see gradle/composite-builds#99)

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Simplify IDEA scope mapping

The old scope mapping code was hardcoded, hard to understand and exploded in complexity

each time we added a new configuration to the Java plugin. It was doing this hardcoded

mapping in an attempt to minimize the number of dependency declarations in IDEA, e.g.

remove `testRuntime` dependencies from the `TEST` scope if they were already in the `RUNTIME`

scope and not present in `testCompile`. While this slightly reduces the number of false positives

in auto completion, it is hard to follow, as IDEA itself simply does not differentiate between

"test compilation" and "test runtime".

The new implementation accepts IDEA's dependency model and does the simples possible mapping to it:

- no hardcoded mapping rules for the Java plugin

- users can put dependencies into the 4 IDEA scopes (`COMPILE`,`PROVIDED`,`RUNTIME`, `TEST`)

- the IdeaPlugin uses the same API for adding dependencies that the user would use

- those scopes are not postprocessed in any way

The default mapping for the Java plugin is simplified to:

- `COMPILE` is empty

- `PROVIDED` = `compileClasspath`

- `RUNTIME` = `runtimeClasspath`

- `TEST`= `testCompileClasspath + testRuntimeClasspath`

The benefit of this mapping is that we no longer use `minus` configurations, which we might want

to deprecate/remove as well.

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Generated idea configuration respects module name settings #composite-builds

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Idea project for composite includes modules for every project in composite

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Move fixtures from `:ide` into a separate package

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Integration test coverage for IDEA metadata generation in composite build

- This test simply adds coverage for existing capabilities

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Add more coverage for Play/IDEA plugin

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Add integration coverage for using Play with IDEA

- Extract test fixtures from :ide for use in :idePlay

- Verify that all Play sources are sourceFolders

- Verify that Java version and Scala version match PlayPlatform

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