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Restructure project tree construction so that the containing `ProjectState` for a project is always available, to avoid throwing and then silently ignoring an `IllegalArgumentException` for each project.

Also reuse more project construction logic and remove a bunch of duplicate ad hoc code. This change means that the `ProjectState` object now owns the mutable `Project` object, as was always the intention, rather than existing as a parallel tree. This can continue to evolve so that all access to the mutable project object is mediated by the `ProjectState` that owns it.

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Ignore new test for instant execution

Use project lock when resolving model

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Ignore failing Xcode 11 tests

Link ignore to issue

Fail fast when MSBuild installation can't be found

Previously, the build failed late when MSBuild can't be determined,

which makes the error message very confusing. This commit makes

the build fail fast in this case.

Rename @FailsWithInstantExecution to @ToBeFixedForInstantExecution

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Annotate integ tests failing with instant execution in :ideNative

Basically all integ tests are failing in this project

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Merge pull request #10907 from gradle/lacasseio/vs2019

Support for VS2019 and CI failure fix due to VS2019

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Add a last chance to locate MSBuild specifically for VS2019

Fix some lgtm alerts

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Deincubate the new C++ and Swift plugins

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Fix annotations for Visual Studio types

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Don't track properties from Buildable, Describable and Named by default

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Fix VisualStudioTargetBinary annotations

Fix DefaultVisualStudioProject

Fix Visual Studio IntelliSense when specifying the language standard compiler flag

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Apply `'if' replaceable with 'switch'` inspection the whole project

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Changed a bunch of integration tests to use the various task assertion methods instead of directly querying the `executedTasks` and `skippedTasks` collections. These methods can give better diagnostics when the assertion fails, and can perform additional checks.

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Change ArrayLists, used as Queues to ArrayDeques and LinkedLists

removing the first element is linear in an ArrayList

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Add missing @Override to all modules

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Add DSL reference for C++ components and IDE tasks

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Remove flakiness for msbuild-based tests

The order of the builds executed is up to msbuild, so we can't rely on the first or

second build being a particular set of tasks.

We don't actually care if the right tasks are executed if the expected binary is

produced in the end.

Add support and test coverage for Swift 5

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Change some plugins to use public APIs to create `FileCollection` instances, instead of using internal types.

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Use public services in native plugins to construct `FileCollection` instances, rather than using internal `FileOperations`.

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Deprecate `ProjectLayout.configurableFiles()` as it is replaced by `ObjectFactory.fileCollection()`. Also replace usages of internal `FileOperations.configurableFiles()` method with the public API.

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Correctly handle when MSBuild doesn't generate output files

Always use first MSBuild output file when ignoring exit code

Ignore MSBuild return code when trying to build unbuildable project

MSBuild behaviour changed between pre-2017 and 2017. It used to fail on

pre-2017 if a project was requested and wasn't buildable. Starting with

2017, MSBuild doesn't fail anymore. The diagnostic message is the same

for all MSBuild version so we assert only on the message.