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Revert "Revert "Merge pull request #9840 from gradle/lptr/files/simplify-file-matchers""

This reverts commit 669ec8c0211ad7e36ec4a91921e2da5da8619bef.

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Revert "Merge pull request #9840 from gradle/lptr/files/simplify-file-matchers"

This reverts commit 72dc39d9784910196e7840ac35317bc46ef4c4a1, reversing

changes made to 69ffd7ea87b343cb6f0f03b947b7605a5bea02b1.

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Rename :files project to :file-collections

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Remove some unused stuff.

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Separate out some shared behaviour from the `FileCollectionResolveContext` implementations.

Apply this shared behaviour only to those file collections that need to resolve arbitrary user provided paths, and simplify the contract for `FileCollectionResolveContext`.

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Consistently show file changes for single root file in Gradle Enterprise (#7422)

* Snapshot SingletonFileTree as RegularFileSnapshot

- extract SingletonFileTree as interface

- rename SingletonFileTree to DefaultSingletonFileTree

- rename MapFileTree to GeneratedSingletonFileTree

- GeneratedSingletonFileTree only accepts one file (as its only used for one file so far)

- add coverage for archives

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Move file collection APIs out of core (#6525)

This change breaks out code that directly relates to handling `FileCollection`s and their build dependencies (called `TaskDependency` at this time) into a separate subproject (`:files`). This is so that other modules can build on just this module instead of having to depend on the oversized `:core`.

As part of the change `Provider`s have been moved to `:base-services`. In a possible followup step `:base-services` could be split into a module that captures the very basic concepts of Gradle's data model: it's all about `DomainObjectCollection`s that can be configured via `Action`s, transformed via `Transformer`s, lazyness can be provided via `Provider`s and rich mutable data types can be created via `Property` objects.

Another addition to `:base-serivces` is the directed graph traversal algorithms used in many parts of Gradle.

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