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Rename folders

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Some 'custom types' user manual chapter edits.

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Rework declaring_dependencies.adoc

* Rework section levels

* Fill in missing content

* Moved the part about repository and metadata source to the

repositories document

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Extract page about variant model

This will allow more focused linking and reading from other chapters.

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Add explanations about variant-aware matching

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Fix dead link detector

* Requires all link to have at least one # in them

* Support links to a different file, no anchor, ending with #

* Support links within the same file, starting with #

* Support links without replacement text

* Support links where the file extension is omitted

And fix all detected dead links ...

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Add anchor check to dead link tasks

* Improve dead links detector

* Fix dead links

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Use underscore instead of dash in doc files

This is for consistency, and to reduce the risks of SEO

(because URLs would change).

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Fix include levels

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Use a flatten directory for all adoc files

This commit reworks how asciidoctor files are processed,

by allowing to structure docs using subdirectories, while

maintaining consistent locations for resources, images, samples,


This works by flattening all adoc files into a resources

directory before processing. It means that while we can

use a directory tree to organize docs, we must make sure

not to use the same file name twice.

This makes it possible to compose files more easily. For

example, the dependency management docs can be read as

a single file, or individual files, or as chapters.

Technically speaking, we could remove the "userguideSinglePage"

task, but it's kept just because it's significantly slower

to build.

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Reshuffle dependency management docs

This commit reshuffle existing dependency management docs

into the new dependency management chapter. It's worth noting

that there's no new content at this point, nor any effort to

make it consistent. It just moves things around, and there

are still quite a few places where dependency management docs

are found.

It doesn't try to fix dead links either.

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