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Remove version constrain constructor without 'branch'

Although technically the 'branch' is special as it is not (yet)

published and thus not used/needed in many places, we keep

things consistent to avoid weird issues as the one fixed in the

previous commit.

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Rename inheritStrictVersions() -> endorseStrictVersions() (#10755)

This name change more clearly communicates the semantics of the

feature from a users point of view.

This commit also removes all mentions of 'inheriting' AND 'forSubgraph'.

There have been some leftovers in documentation/comments that

would have been misleading in the future. To make sure we catch all,

this also updates all variable/method/package names.

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Rework `forSubgraph` as implied by `strictly`

This commit removes a dedicated `forSubgraph` flag

on version constraints, so that it is _implied_ by

strict version constraints. This simplifies the behavior

of `strictly`, making it closer to the intuitive semantics,

while maintaining the ability to fail the build if a

consumer brings an incompatible version in the graph.

As a consequence, _strict dependencies_ now express that

the producer preference overrides whatever is found in

its own dependency graph. It is closer to the "nearest

first" semantics of Maven, while not having its drawbacks

(ordering in particular).

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Add `forSubgraph()` API to version constraints

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Provide special display message for 'reject all'

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Add useful displayName to `VersionConstraint`

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Don't implicitly add 'prefer' with 'require'

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Ensure that 'preferredVersion' always provides a useful value

Recent versions of the build scan plugin depend on `VersionConstraint.preferredVersion`

to return a string representation of the version constraint. This was broken with the

recent introduction of `requiredVersion`, where `preferredVersion` only returned a

value when explicitly set with `prefers(version)`.

This change restores the previous functionality: a `requires` version constraint implies

a `prefers` constraint, and a `strictly` constraint implies a `requires` constraint.

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Separate 'prefer' and 'require' in dependency versions

When we introduced the ability to declare a 'preferred' version on

a dependency declaration, this was implemented such that declaring

a "required" dependency version using `org:foo:1.0` was effectively

the same as declaring a "preferred" version `org:foo { prefer '1.0' }`.

In order to differentiate between the behaviour of required and

preferred dependency versions, this commit introduces a separate

model for these constraint types. This model is published to

Gradle `.module` metadata files, and is retained internally

throughout dependency resolution.

At this stage, the behaviour of required and preferred versions

is identical. A later commit will introduce the behavioural


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Simplify construction of DefaultMutableVersionConstraint

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Retain separate versions for 'strictly' and 'prefers'

Previously, a `strictly` version constraint was translated into a separate

'prefer' and 'reject' constraint: this is how it was processed internally,

as well as how it was represented in a `.module` file.

With this change, strict version constraints are logically retained as a

first class version constraint:

- `.module` files can have versions declared with `strictly`

- Strict constraints are only translated to a reject version selector

as part of resolution (not when parsing the constraint)

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Ensure MutableVersionConstraint does not have null preferredVersion

While the interface for `VersionConstraint` declared that version was

`@Nullable`, in reality we prevented this when constructing an immutable

version constraint. This meant that `MutableVersionConstraint.asImmutable()`

converted null values to empty strings.

This changes the contract so that `VersionConstraint.preferredVersion` is no

longer `@Nullable`, and an empty string is consistently used to define a

'missing' preferred version, for all implementations of `VersionConstraint`.

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Add code coverage for `DefaultImmutableVersionConstraint`

Issue #3305

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