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Change `AbstractIntegrationSpec` to fail when a test runs a build that fails with more than one exception and does not verify the number of exceptions in the failure using `assertHasFailures()`.

This is to avoid additional exceptions unintentionally being introduced, for example when a failure starts being thrown because of configuration cache problems alongside the expected failure.

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Add test coverage for per project lockfile

This is done by making sure most tests cover both the existing file

format and the upcoming file format.

Issue #11881

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Annotate tests to account for new reported problems

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <paul@gradle.com>

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Initial support for unique lockfile per project

With a feature preview, Gradle now supports reading from a unique

lockfile per project.

If the support is enabled and the unique lockfile has no lock

information for a locked configuration, Gradle attempts to read the

configuration specific lockfile in case it exists.

Issue #11881

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Rename test methods and fixtures

Given that a new format will be introduced for dependency lock files,

the existing methods have legacy in their name for clear identification.

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Remove useless import

LockMode is in a default imported package.

Issue #9907

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Implement lenient mode for locking

In lenient mode, lock entries are `requires` and not `strictly` and

there is no validation after resolution. This allows deviations from the

lock state.

Issue #9907

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