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Disallow reading the value of a task output `Property` that is strict before the producing task has started execution.

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Force AbstractTestDirectoryProvider to use Class (#12431)


This PR adds `className` to `AbstractTestDirectoryProvider` so there'll be no more `unknown-test-class`.

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Remove `FileResolver.getPatternSetFactory()` as this was only used to carry around the factory service and never used by the resolvers themselves. Instead, pass the factory around as a service.

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Track the source paths for a `CopySpec` in a `ConfigurableFileCollection` rather than a `Set<Object>`.

This will allow instant execution serialization to better deal with serializing these paths.

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Fix failing tests from insecure HTTP deprecation changes

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Merge branch 'master' into feature/JLL/depricate_http_download_dependencies

* master: (77 commits)

Realized component variants need to provide all attributes

Fix TeamCity Hygiene failures

New performance process (#10361)

Publish 5.6.1-20190825230025+0000

Publish 5.6.1-20190824230038+0000

Update .com userguide links

Update .com footer links

Update .com header links

Publish 5.6.1-20190823234015+0000

Rebase to latest 6.0 nightly

Revert "Recognize contributor"

Remove use of Java 11 API from instant execution

Recognize contributor

enhanced test source folder detection for eclipse task. (#10320)

Publish 5.6.1-20190823130927+0000

Rebase performance tests with 5.7-20190812122716+0000 baseline

Upgrade wrapper to 6.0 nightly

Rebase performance tests with 5.7-20190722220035+0000 baseline

Rebaseline to lock performance improvements

Temporarily use 5.6 as the baseline for Santa Tracker `assembleDebug` case.


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Refactor HTTP deprecation logic to use HttpRedirectVerifier

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Replace `FileResolver.resolveFilesAsTree()` and `compositeFileTree()` with `FileCollectionFactory`.

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Replace usages of `FileResolver.resolveFile()` with `FileCollectionFactory.resolving()` or `FileOperations.immutable()`, so that `FileResolver` can be responsible only for converting scalar values to File-ish values.

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Introduce a factory service to create instances of `TaskDependency`, to allow the implementations to be contextualized and to use types that aren't part of the (internal) core API.

Use this factory in `DefaultConfigurableFileCollection`.

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Create Deleter as a service

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Remove TextResourceLoader.Factory

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Fix failing after HTTP deprecation refactor

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

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Deprecate download of resources over HTTP; Require opt-in

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

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Let Deleter take a Clock and make tests deterministic

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Remove fileSystem from FileLookup

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Change some `FileCollection` construction in various core services to delegate to `FileCollectionFactory`. Also merge some `FileCollection` implementations that do the same thing.

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Replace some direct usages of `DefaultConfigurableFileCollection` with `FileCollectionFactory`.

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spelling: nonexistent

Signed-off-by: Josh Soref <>

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Allow the services required by a given class to be queried prior to creating any instances of that class. Use this to allow `ArtifactTransformDependencies` to be injected into artifact transforms using any of the service injection patterns (that is, via a constructor or a getter).

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Use immutable file collections whenever possible (#5797)

- Stop DefaultProject implementing FileOperations/ProcessOperations

- Stop BasicScript implementing FileOperations/ProcessOperations

- FileResovler.resolveUri() is not nullable

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Add support for URI-backed text resources

This can be used to point tasks like Checkstyle

to a remote, shared configuration file without

having to package it into an archive and using

dependency resolution.

The implementation reuses the same caching logic

we have for remote build scripts.

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Changed the process forking infrastructure so that it attempts to reuse threads rather than creating 3 or more threads per process that is forked.

There is now a global `ExecFactory` service that manages the infrastructure, including a pool of threads. It provides various factory methods to create instances of `ExecHandleBuilder`, `ExecAction`, `JavaExecHandleBuilder` and `JavaExecAction` backed by this infrastructure.

Replaced all direct instantiation of these types with usages of these factory methods.

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Use our own hashing architecture, take 2 (#2817)

This replaces Guava's hashing. We need this for two reasons:

- it allows the addition of custom hash functions, like BLAKE2b which would not be possible with Guava's closed design

- it fixes a few performance issues that Guava only fixes in version 20 (which we can't upgrade to right now, because we still need to support Java 5 in places)

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Fix merge issues

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Make zipTrees faster

zipTrees were unpacked every time they were visited,

which meant 2-4 times for every single build.

This changes the logic to snapshot the zip and only unpack

again if it has changed.

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Change ClasspathUtils.getClasspath to return a ClassPath object

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Introduce order-sensitive task file inputs

Some task file input properties (such as Java classpaths) need to be treated in an order-sensitive fashion. If the same files are present, but in different order, the corresponding task should be out-of-date.

Fixes GRADLE-3508

+review REVIEW-6114

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Improvements after review.

* Enable DefaultFileOperationsTest#javaexec test.

* Rethrow MalformedURLException as RuntimeException.

* Clean code: make intent of code more explicit.

+review REVIEW-6062

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Skip the javaexec test on Java9.

- There are issues with locating the main class using the FileOperations

class's javaexec functionality.

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