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Created subproject for generating the documentation. Removed exploded dist creation. Configure the archives at configuration time not at runtime.

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Renamed Test.configuration to classpath

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- Renamed JavaPluginConvention.source property to sourceSets - Renamed compile/compileTest/compile${SetName} to classes/testClasses/${setName}Classes

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GRADLE-634, GRADLE-635, GRADLE-636 - Added samples for groovy+java and scala+java joint compilation - Added int tests for above - Changed samples to all use same version of junit (4.7)

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GRADLE-634 - Added SourceSet.classes property, a FileCollection that is builtBy the compile and processResources tasks for that set - Changed convention mapping for source set runtimeClasspath to set.classes + set.compileClasspath. - Changed convention mapping for source.test.compileClasspath to source.main.classes + configurations.testCompile - Changed convention mapping for source.test.runtimeClasspath to source.main.classes + source.test.classes + configurations.testRuntime - Removed some explicit dependsOn) calls, as these are now auto-wired. - Tweaked some display names for various things - Merged JettyRun.classesDirectory and configuration properties into classpath property

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GRADLE-571 Added a sample for adding a source set: a project with an int test suite.

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