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Created subproject for generating the documentation. Removed exploded dist creation. Configure the archives at configuration time not at runtime.

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GRADLE-662 Added example to code quality chapter

Added description for all tasks in plugin chapters

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- Finished up the code quality chapter - Documented source set properties - Other userguide bits and pieces - Added more trace to the pdf generation

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- Removed javadocDir, javadocDirName, srcRoot and srcRootName convention properties - Changed webAppDirName convention property to be relative to project dir - Updated convention property sections of all plugin chapters

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- Some userguide updates for plugin tasks, project layout and source sets - Added/updated copyright header in userguide does. - Some tweaks to samples

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- Updated the tasks section of all plugin chapters, and filled in the missing ones. - Added task dependency diagrams for most plugin chapters

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- Added a first cut at a chapter describing how to work with files - Added FileCollection.asType() to allow the 'as' keyword to be used with file collections. - Introduced ConfigurableFileTree interface, and replaced Project.fileSet() with fileTree() - Renamed FileSet.dir to baseDir - Changed a bunch of places to use Project.fileTree() rather than new FileSet().

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Userguide bits and pieces.

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GRADLE-554, GRADLE-555 Added 'code quality' plugin, which runs checkstyle and codenarc against java and groovy sources.

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