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Prevent resource network requests with `--offline`

When a build is executed with `--offline`, we now wrap

the underlying `ExternalResourceConnector` with an offline implementation

that fails early rather than attempting to make network requests.

Files need to be created in unique test directory

Avoid CI cleanup logic to fall over.

More test coverage for resources with `--offline`

Add contributor to release notes

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In-process parallel workers

code review fixes

Implement --offline support for resources

- Split `ExternalResourceCachePolicy` from `CachePolicy`

- Provide `ExternalResourceCachePolicy` to `CacheAwareExternalResourceAccessor`

- Allow `StartParameterResolutionOverride` to override the `ExternalResourceCachePolicy`

when build is executed with --offline

Polish integration test

Reform PR template, adding a Context section and Member Checklist (#1291)

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Merge branch 'release'

Mention name of file in exception that failed to hash

Revert "Make slow unit test into integration test"

This reverts commit d8ff2968bfd11194564c5bbc68011b358494a9ff.

Add contributor to release notes

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Combine project lock service with build operation worker registry

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
Make slow unit test into integration test

Add documentation for testing cacheable tasks

+review REVIEW-6481

Also delete test projects generated by a simple JavaExec task

Store local build cache entries in Gradle version-independent dir

+review REVIEW-6480

Add spec for exposing new Gradle API methods to DependencyHandler

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Add test case for `--refresh-dependencies`

Make `ComponentMetadataSupplier` extend `Action<ComponentMetadataSupplierDetails>`

and move "since" tags to 4.0 instead of 3.5

Allow threads to lock multiple projects

Refine WorkerExecutorLoggingIntegrationTest

Remove a flakiness “barrier” observed as being flaky.

Wait for Gradle to actually exit before asserting on the outputs.

Add more test cases for metadata suppliers

- check what happens when used with `--offline`

- check what happens when a release or integration version is published

- checks recovery from failure

- fix offline mode support

Merge pull request #1552 from gradle/so-polish-resource-filters

Extract interfaces for ResourceFilters

Native services pass-through in-process classloaders

No need to initialize NativeServices in each in-process classloader.

native-platform initialization is not isolated-classloaders-thread-safe

and caused issues when initialized in parallel by in-process workers.

Reduce size of medium Java projects

Move tests into their own test class

Enable preemptive authentication for build cache

+review REVIEW-6479

Account for logging changes in DaemonJavaCompilerIntegrationTest