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Fix a bunch of tests and do some cleanup

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Allow managed parameters objects to be transported to worker daemons

Merge pull request #8825 from gradle/revert-8758-bamboo/master/build/take-advantage-of-type-safe-accessors

Revert "Take advantage of type-safe accessors in precompiled script plugins"

Revert "Take advantage of type-safe accessors in precompiled script plugins"

Merge pull request #8758 from gradle/bamboo/master/build/take-advantage-of-type-safe-accessors

Take advantage of type-safe accessors in precompiled script plugins

Merge pull request #8815 from gradle/wolfs/dogfood-new-incremental-api-native

Use InputChanges in native tasks

Publish 5.3-20190321010135+0000

Fix the native unit test plugins so that they generate the relocated object files for the component under test into a separate directory for each variant of the component under test. Previously the object files for all variants were mixed together and Gradle would try to link them into each test binary.

Merge pull request #8814 from gradle/lacasseio/unlink-software-model-from-dsl

Unlink software model from DSL reference navigation bar

Update subprojects/docs/docs.gradle

Unlink software model from DSL reference navigation bar

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Revert "Polish `java-projects.gradle.kts`"

This reverts commit 4950e6a89ecf6d1a536c3cd586d40b2e781c692f.

Add missing dependency to `buildSrc/uber-plugins`

The implementation dependency on `project(":buildquality")` is

required because the script plugin `java-projects.gradle.kts` applies

the `gradlebuild.incubation-report` plugin defined on it.

Polish `api-parameter-names-index.gradle.kts`

Use SkipWhenEmpty for native sources

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/sync/delete'

* origin/sg/sync/delete:

Do not hide delete errors from Sync operations

Update AnnotationProcessingTaskFactoryTest

to also test InputChanges.

Update Gradle wrapper to 5.3 GA

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Convert AbstractNativeCompileTask to new incremental API

Publish 5.3

Convert SwiftCompile to new incremental API

Convert WindowsResourceCompile to new incremental API

Update ExecuteTaskBuildOperationType Javadoc

to reference new API type.

Merge pull request #8808 from gradle/wolfs/improve-util-tc-config

Improve util performance test TC config

Move more common functions to extensions.kt

Fix failed TC Kotlin DSL test

Update tagging plugin (#8800)

This PR applies latest tagging plugin (which runs tagging in `GRADLE_RERUN` step) and removes `TAG_BUILD` steps in configurations.

Publish 5.3-20190320013427+0000

Use common methods in AdHoc performance job

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Merge pull request #8715 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/improve-scheduler-performance

Improve performance of scheduler in the presence of many nodes