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Move a bunch of shared project scope services to a shared provider

Add ProjectLayout and ProviderFactory to release notes

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Add ProjectLayout and ProviderFactory services to workers

Merge pull request #10802 from gradle/gh/worker-api/services-docs

Add worker services to the userguide, samples and release notes

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Rebaseline NativeBuildPerformanceTest and SwiftCleanBuildPerformanceTest

see and

Cleanup worker api samples

Mention search upward related APIs deprecation

Mention C++ and Swift promotion in release notes

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Bump max Java version to 13 and experimental Java version to 14

Fix failing test

Looks like different changes caused the distribution to grow.

As we print one dot per MB, this caused a test failure.

This fix will resolve the failure to unblock CI while a better assertion

is created to not have this again in the future

Recognize contribution

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Rebaseline NativeCleanBuildPerformanceTest


Fix names of performance test coordinators

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Merge pull request #10801 from gradle/wolfs/add-new-performance-category

Differentiate between slow regression tests and performance experiments

Rebasline to lock improvements

Remove `distributedFullPerformanceTest(s)`

Fix hierarchy for PerformanceExperiment

A performance experiment is not a performance regression test.

Add new experiment coordinator build

which runs once a week. The historical coordinator now only runs

regression tests.

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Rename experiment -> Slow

updating the descriptions.

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Publish 5.6.2-20190919230043+0000

Add build type for new performance tests as well

Remove unnecessary argument

Merge pull request #10795 from gradle/lacasseio/deprecate-methods-on-start-parameter

Warn about deprecation of search upwards and similar APIs

Add worker services to the userguide, samples and release notes

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Merge pull request #10800 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl/10772

Emit lower bound for generic types of Kotlin DSL accessors

Run only slow regression tests every day

and maybe later on every commit on `master`. The experiments are

already run weekly as part of the `historical` performance tests.

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Create a new category for slow performance regression tests

Accept new API `TypeOf<T>.getLowerBound()`

Merge pull request #10799 from gradle/wolfs/build-scans-and-cache-for-trigger-builds

Create build scans and enable build cache for triggers