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Move classloader registry out of worker services as its no longer needed

Don't use the classloader registry in the worker daemon.

Instead, calculate whatever is necessary in the build process and

pass the information via the classloader structure.

Fix incorrect `break` instead of `continue`

Improve warning message for mutable properties

Merge pull request #9304 from gradle/gh/worker-api/daemon-classloader

Make worker daemon classloader match in-process isolated classloader

Fix checkstyle

Introduce HTTPS-supporting BlockingHttpsServer

- Fix WrapperHttpsIntegrationTest

Simplify the ActionExecutionSpec class hierarchy

Only recreate server when executor changes

Refactor classloader structure so it's less messy

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Update to latest nightly

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Add missing import for Google closure compiler

Bump baseline for known regression

Merge pull request #9528 from gradle/wolfs/scheduler/revert-completed-tracking

Revert PR #8715 for improving scheduler performance

Move deprecations to upgrade guide

Release notes now points to the upgrade guide for all deprecations,

potential breaking changes and breaking changes.

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Update to ci-health plugin to 0.67

Revert "Correct the rerun property"

This reverts commit 1f1d91b3d54cdae05dd35ffad40b9fad786e624b.

Correct the rerun property

Lock in performance improvements

The test `largeAndroidBuild phthalic:assembleDebug` improved

by more than 50% after merging

Merge pull request #9525 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/api-docs-feedback

Address review feedback for transforms API docs

Merge pull request #9453 from gradle/lptr/performance/re-enable-gradle-help-performance-test

Re-enable gradle help performance test

Update ci-health to 0.66

Merge pull request #9529 from gradle/autonomousapps/docs-runtime-classpath-normalization

Added more detail to the discussion of runtime classpath normalization.

Remove duplicate

Use the minimum necessary classpath for flat classloader

Added more detail to the discussion of runtime classpath normalization.

This will be synced with a concurrent PR against Gradle Guides.

Signed-off-by: Tony Robalik <>

Remove special checks for html5 backend

Revert PR #8715 for improving scheduler performance

The changes seem to cause some builds not finishing.

Reverting to see if they are the cause.

Fix play compiler classpath

Address review feedback for transforms API docs