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Fix some minor issues with release notes

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Update userguide to use work queue api

Merge pull request #10047 from gradle/gh/worker-api/work-queue-api

Improvements to the Worker API

Revert "Add debug support to TestLauncher (#9863)"

This reverts commits 026d9f4f8b33e64a64fd0f9f4c364b4c7cebf26f and fda0f3d58074137a1e9204fbf2762d9f63a0603b.

Temporarily reverted due to a possible performance regression.

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Update worker api samples to use new work queue api

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Temporarily ignore failing tests

Mention worker api improvements in the release notes

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Add debug support to TestLauncher (#9863)

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Deprecating buildSrc usage in settings (#9898)

* Fix sanityCheck

* Handle deprecated use of resources from buildSrc in settings

* Address some feedback from PR review

* Simplify deprecation warning

* ensure only fired once for performance reasons

* tweak test coverage

* add proper test coverage

* use simplified deprecation warning

* ensure works with kotlin-ds;

* Fix caching of deprecated classloader

* use uniqye identifier and avoid same identifier as non deprecated loader

* fix more tests now expecting deprecation warning

* Make DeprecatedClassloader closeable

* Mention deprecation in upgrade guide

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Change baseline to workaround issue with perf test

Fix incorrect intro section to fixing capability conflicts

Make process option verification less error-prone

Merge pull request #9461 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/support-nested

Generate read-only user type properties

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Address review feedback

Remove displayName from work queue api for now

Rebaseline some scenarios

We saw gradual regression in some of the scenarios. Rebaseling them.

Rebaseline to latest nightly

Looking at the history, last rebaselining seems not to use the right version,

so this is rebaselining to latest nightly.

Avoid merging old mappings on full recompilation (#9964)

This fixes

Previously even on full recompilation, we merge the old Groovy source-class mappings

into the incremental mappings. This PR avoid doing this on full recompilation.

Rename WorkerExecution to WorkAction, WorkerParameters to WorkParameters

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Ensure context classloader is reset for no isolation workers

Add test for adding nested type on task

Add documentation and release notes

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Allow waiting on work submitted to a queue

Use a new line for each property type

so it's easy to see what gets added/removed later.

Fix resolved versions of substituted dependencies

This commit fixes an inconsistency when publishing resolved

versions of a component. If that component happens to be

substituted, which would be strange for a first level dependency

but nevertheless possible, then we wouldn't find the target

module in the resolution result, and the outcome would be that

POM/IVY/Gradle Module metadata files would all have an empty

version for a substituted dependency.

With the change, we will now also look for dependencies in

the resolution result, and if one matches the original dependency

coordinates, then we use its resolved component as the result.

This allows us to _substitute_ the result with complete coordinates

in the metadata files.

Fixes nebula-plugins/gradle-nebula-integration#62

Merge pull request #10002 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin-dsl/no-duplicate-jar-entries

Let kotlin-dsl jars not include duplicated entries

Merge pull request #9981 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin-dsl/kotlin-public-project-schema

Let Kotlin DSL use first Kotlin public type for accessors to container elements

Test nested Property types

Merge pull request #9975 from gradle/tomdcc/configuration-atts-on-build-op

Make configuration request attributes available on dependency resolution build operation

Merge commit '2fcc813f337926582a69152a2d5338cb4ccc783f' into release