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Hide task shared resources from the public api for now

Use unified timestamp when cleaning stale data (#10732)

This fixes

Previously we saw some failures when cleaning stale data. This might be

caused by different timestamps used. This commit uses same timestamp to

clean both testOperation and testExecution table.

Merge pull request #10728 from gradle/wolfs/bucket-improvements

Improve teamcity DSL code for bucket generation

Use correct stage tag for deferred tests

Address some review content

Merge pull request #10730 from gradle/eskatos/agp/latest-agp

Upgrade under test AGP to latest alpha/nightly

Upgrade instant-execution tested AGP to latest nightly

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Upgrade latest smoke tested AGP to 3.6.0-alpha10

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Disable some HTTPS tests on JDK 12

Until is fixed.

Simplify deferred test project handling

Note that the only difference here is that the deferred functional

tests now are tagged with the stage they are deferred from, not with

the one they are deferred to. We can fix this later (or never).

Remember build types in stage project

instead of re-calculating them in `StagePasses`

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Fix TeamCity DSL tests

Publish 5.6.2-20190915230223+0000

Only link to GitHub docs

Recognize contributor

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/merges/pr-9585'

* origin/sg/merges/pr-9585:

GitAttributesGenerator enhancements

gradle init creates .gitattributes #9583

Do not run test in parallel mode, as it does not add anything much to the coverage.

Publish 5.6.2-20190914230020+0000

Run all tasks read from the instant execution cache in parallel. Each of the tasks is isolated from the project state and so can run in parallel.

Publish 5.6.2-20190913230031+0000

Keep 'building' vs 'running' in feature variant chapter

Recognize contributor

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Merge branch 'feature-variant-docs' of

* 'feature-variant-docs' of

improved confusing documentation and fixed odd grammar

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/60/codequality-upgrades'

* origin/sg/60/codequality-upgrades:

Update PMD to 6.17.0

Update CodeNarc plugin

Update Checkstyle to 8.24

Fix missing deferred_tests (#10712)

Merge pull request #10711 from gradle/wolfs/ignore-test-bucket-for-crossversion

Re-add deferred tests

Re-add deferred tests

And fix tests.

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Add authentication for resolving scan plugin snapshots

Update auto apply scan plugin to 2.4.2 (#10535)

Broken link check as part of sanity check and archive report on CI