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Use guava Supplier where java.util.function.Supplier was used

Merge pull request #13260 from gradle/bamboo/cc/transforms/iii

Improve configuration cache test coverage for transform actions

Honour `Managed.factoryId` when reading managed values from the cache

Move artifact transform test to `*DependencyResolutionIntegrationTest`

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/cc/transforms/iii

Merge pull request #13273 from gradle/am/cc/transforms-with-deps

Fix configuration caching for chained artifact transforms that take artifact dependencies as input

Fix missing branchName for build scan perf test

Publish 6.5-20200528233045+0000

Polish `AbstractTransformationNodeCodec`

Polish `ChainedTransformationNodeCodec`

Remove TODO from `DefaultTransformerCodec`

Polish `InitialTransformationNodeCodec`

Write parameters of legacy transformers to the configuration cache

Simplify `TransformationStepCodec`

Use `ReadContext.getProject` instead of `ProjectFinder`.

Ignore failing configuration cache test for artifact transforms

Fix Java version parsing

Move implementation classes to impl package

Move archive file classes to the files project

Make api non null

The content filter action is always non null, using Actions.doNothing()

where needed instead.

Issue #13038

Fix missing system properties for build scan performance test

Reuse the logic that calculates the files and producer tasks of the various views of a `Configuration` to calculate the files and producer tasks for the artifact dependencies injected into an artifact transform. This change ensures that the artifact dependencies will be correctly serialized to the configuration cache.

Merge pull request #13262 from gradle/am/test-fix

Ensure certain tooling API progress events do not go missing for older client versions

Separate soak test (#13244)

Previously we indiscriminately create lifecycle tasks for all subprojects, which causes problems for distributed test.

- Soak test is tested in soakTest configuration.

- `distributions:test` is tested in BuildDistribution configuration.

- `architectureTest` is tested in sanityCheck.

This PR stops creating lifecycle tasks for these projects.

Rebaseline TaskCreationPerformanceTest

Publish 6.5-20200527230033+0000

Handle content filter for plugins repositories

Given that settings defined repositories are added to project

buildscript repositories, they need to handle content filtering

independently for each project.

This commit fixes that by letting the plugin repository wrapper handle

the content filtering aspect, allowing a different set of filtering for

each project.

Fixes #13038

Improve configuration cache test coverage for transform actions

Add _failing_ test proving transform actions are re-executed upon input changes.

Adjust contributor mention in release notes

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Recognize contributor

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Wrapper HTTPS proxy authentication (#12598)

Co-authored-by: Donat Csikos <>