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Move test to more appropriate class

Revert "Revert to older nightly"

This reverts commit 0e71a95e72beccb1a56a11fe8f93b7529245ec16.

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Bump ci-health plugin version to 0.50


We used a problematic library in ci-health 0.49.

Revert to older nightly

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Exclude non-writable files during symlink test files leakage check

Less build dependencies resolution

When substitutions are used, projects dependencies can appear anywhere

in the dependency graph. This forces Gradle to resolve the

configurations during the build configuration phase.

With this commit, substitutions that do not involve a project no longer

cause this early resolution.

Add minimum heap setting for test

Merge pull request #8573 from gradle/eskatos/deleter/flaky-again

Make DeleterTest deterministic, removing any flakiness

Test coverage for dependencySubstitution

This commit add tests showing the impact of adding all or substitute


Add min heap setting for forked executers

Merge pull request #8558 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/use-build-cache

Support the build cache for artifact transforms

Improve error message for absolute path sensitivity

It is now possible if a file input has actually declared some path

sensitivity or not which can be used to have a better error message

and disable caching for tasks later on.

Improve tagging process

Update tagging plugin and fix incorrect parameter.

Handle abstract properties with primitive type in generated classes.

Fix the calculation of the public type for a generated type when the public type is an interface.

Update to Checkstyle 8.17

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Merge pull request #8569 from gradle/lacasseio/pr-8190

Quick fix for executing the Wrapper inside a UNC path

Add some more test coverage for using various `Property` types as task properties.

Fix the expected number of lines in application start scripts

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pl/application-script-license' into release

* origin/pl/application-script-license:

Update tests for the extra lines in start scripts

Clarify licensing in connection with the Application Plugin

Allow `RegularFileProperty` and `DirectoryProperty` types to be used on artifact transform parameter objects, and take care of fingerprinting and building the files before running the transform.

Reuse the mechanism that allows instances of generated classes to describe their state to the isolation infrastructure for other core Gradle types, such as `ConfigurableFileCollection`, `Provider` and `Property` and remove the custom isolation logic for these core types.

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Mention Thad House in the release note

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Remove Wrapper UNC integration test

The Gradle infrastructure use Java API which are incompatible with

Windows UNC path. In fact the JVM in general doesn't handle properly

the Windows UNC path. The CMD.exe doesn't support UNC path and

using the powershell within the test fixture is a bit complicated for

what we need. We still recommend mapping UNC path with drive letter to

avoid this limitation at the moment. We may work on better supporting

such use case once we can roll better testing fixture around UNC paths.

Update wrapper hash in integration test

Merge pull request #8556 from gradle/lacasseio/pr-8138

Gradle handles Windows symbolic links properly on Windows

Fix heap assertions to handle max reported by Java8

Add bundling attribute on configurations

In the Java ecosystem, resolvable configurations now declare that they

require the bundling attribute valued as external.

Issue #8380

Let Deleter take a Clock and make tests deterministic

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Prevent samples from sharing generated API jars from other subprojects

Use @Before/AfterClass annotations

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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