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Back out a few unnecessary changes

Make some more shit lazy

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Make a bunch of shit lazy

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Restore build scope script class cache

This cache was useful when a script was applied

multiple times during a build. It avoids checking

the hash of the script again, as we can safely

assume that a build script will not change during

a single build.

Ignore unstable performance test

Merge pull request #4243 from epeee/gradle-4172

Fix eclipse project generation (self-dependency check)

Rebaseline performance tests on a nightly

To rule out whether the shorter version number of

the 4.5 release is leading to bias in the performance

test results. This may be due to shorter JAR names,

which lead to slightly shorter Strings in memory.

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Mention Erhard Pointl in release notes

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Prevent self-dependencies in WTP component files

Unpack distribution only once per performance test

Make test less flaky

Update wrapper to latest 4.5.1 snapshot

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Make performance tests fair again

Performance tests depend on the distribution

directory being of exactly the same length,

otherwise shorter directories will make the

caches slightly smaller and thus make Gradle

run slightly faster. This fairness was lost during the

refactoring that introduced the ForkingGradleSession.

Polish BuildCacheCompositeConfigurationIntegrationTest

Merge pull request #4249 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache/dont-produce-cleanup-build-operations

Do not close build cache service in buildFinished

Use only one included build in test

Add sleep to javaCompile to make test more robust

Polish test

Do not close build cache service in buildFinished

We only did this so that we are able to observe the cleanup build

operations. This should be handled differently: cleanup operations from

caches should be seen as build operations automatically.

By removing the `buildFinished` listener #4216 is fixed.

Revert: Add scope to maven dependency key (#4244)

Revert: Add scope to maven dependency key

Reverts a82cf4a but increases the cache layout version, as this

is now a new combination of changes.

It fixes #4202 and adds a test for 'duplicated dependency management entries override behavior' which covers the reported issue.

Ignore failing performance test for now

Merge pull request #4235 from gradle/eskatos/notes/kotlin-1.2

Add missing mention of Kotlin 1.2 upgrade in release notes potential breaking changes section

Add missing mention of Kotlin 1.2 upgrade

in potential breaking changes section

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Remove build cache system properties from docs, as they are no longer part of the public API

Prepare for Gradle 4.5.1

Add test for #4216

Fix convention mapping class loader leak

The reflection cache keeps a set of property names for each class.

This set was provided by calling keySet() on a map which contains

class values. The keyset would thus keep a strong reference back

to its map and all of its values, leading to a classloader leak.

We now do a defensive copy of they keyset to avoid surprises for

callers of this method.

Added another test case to EclipseDependenciesCreatorTest

Signed-off-by: Erhard Pointl <>

Added self-dependency check in EclipseDependenciesCreator

Signed-off-by: Erhard Pointl <>

Ignore two Jacoco integration test classes on Java 9

Running either of them hang on CI

Observed once making Java 9 test execution on CI not a special case anymore.

See 468d4e8 and 2077e09

Add the two classes to the list of tests to investigate for Java 9