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Improve unsafe configuration resolution docs

Minor tweaks to the docs

Use a custom meta tag in html to track adoc source path (#10893)

This is a follow up to #10841.

Instead of using the 'description' tag, which is a standardised

tag other tools might read and display as page description,

we now use a custom name (adoc-src-path).

This also simplifies the build (and partly reverts #10841) as we

now use the 'docinfo' configuration of asciidoc to generate and include

a custom html header file for each 'adoc' file. Instead of modifying

the adoc files themselves.

Remove unnecessary section tag

For some reason asciidoc interpreted this as 'author' and it ended

up in the '<meta name="author"/>' tag.

Add a number of entry point to low level APIs for dependency resolution

Re-establish docs about constraints on dependency resolution

Rename to proper method name

Check for deprecations in samples (#10883)

Check for deprecations in samples

Merge pull request #10865 from gradle/wolfs/duplicates/deprecate-duplicate-files

Emit deprecation warning for duplicate files with default duplicate strategy

Fix test under Windows

Remove unused import

Validate plugin source set defined in extension (#10859)

Validate plugin source set defined in extension

Merge pull request #10873 from gradle/jjohannes/userguide-navigation

Update user guide structure to make it easier accessible:

- Pulls 'dependency management', 'java', and 'native' one level up

- Updates 'dependency management' chapter structure where necessary

- Some renames

- Some duplication removed

De-incubate latest dependency management APIs for 6.0 (#10886)

These are APIs that complete features which are fully implemented and

de-incubated in Gradle 6.

Remove deprecated internal TaskReportContainer constructor

Fix duplicate classes on classpath using test fixtures

This commit works around duplicate classes found on compile

and runtime test classpath whenever the "test fixtures"

plugin is used.

This is due to the fact the Java plugin systematically adds

the main source set output to the test compile and runtime

classpath. But if we have test fixtures, they themselves

depend on the main component, so it ends up adding them

twice, possibly once as a jar and once as a class directory.

Fixes #10872

Suppress remaining deprecation warnings

- most are because of the use of the deprecated Maven plugin

- some are because of the deprecated `force` option in dependency management

- +1: Ratpack plugin used "compile" configuration

Stop using deprecated build cache API

Use correct configuratoins instead of deprecated ones

Add missing input/output annotations in samples

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP in samples

Fixed wording in javadoc 'inherited' -> 'endorsed'

Use Worker API to validate plugins (#10871)

Use Worker API to validate plugins

Co-authored-by: Paul Merlin <>

Fail on deprecation warnings emitted by user guide samples

Convert anonymous class to lambda

Improve titles and structure based on feedback

  1. … 19 more files in changeset.
Explicitly expect auto-tested samples to use deprecatied APIs

Remove unnecessary characters from regular expression

Allow deprecation warnings to be collected for :core-api

Check for deprecations in auto-tested samples