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Properties are rehydrated with the proper provided type

Merge pull request #10267 from gradle/wolfs/java-compile-input-changes

Use input changes in JavaCompile

Document why Groovy recompiles for resource changes

Create immutable file collection when de-serializing

Merge pull request #10424 from gradle/eskatos/ie/updade-agp-nightly

Update AGP nightly to the latest in instant execution integ tests

Address more review feedback

Merge pull request #10426 from gradle/lacasseio/test-for-pr-10288

Allow collection properties to be added to containers

Mention contributor

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Test adding collection properties to containers

Merge pull request #10423 from gradle/wolfs/binary-compat/removed-method-in-public-superclass

Detect removed methods only in public superclass

Update AGP nightly to the latest for instant execution tests

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Add whether ANDROID_HOME is set to instant-execution integ tests inputs

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Detect removed methods only in public superclass

There were some slight problems in the

`MethodsRemovedInInternalSuperClassRule` causing to report methods

removed from a super class in the public API in all its subclasses.

For example, when removing two deprecated methods from `DefaultTask`,

the removal was needed to be accepted in all task implementations.

Moreover, we only checked the signature of a removed method not the

name of the method.

Merge pull request #10216 from gradle/lptr/deprecations/defaulttask

Remove deprecated ProjectLayout and DefaultTask methods

Build buildSrc after applying the settings file (#10305)

Fixes #9094 and #5333

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Publish 5.6.1-20190902230020+0000

Persist only file tree roots contained in file collections

in the instant execution cache. Before this change, all the files

in the file tree have been persisted instead of the root only.

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/deprecations/defaulttask

Deincubate API elements defined in Gradle 5.4 and before in the 'ide' and 'tooling-api' subprojects (#10406)

- De-incubate API elements defined in Gradle 5.4 and before in the 'ide' and 'tooling-api' subprojects

- Mention API promotion in release notes

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Merge branch 'master' into wolfs/java-compile-input-changes

Remove unused parameter and unused class

Accept a tiny performance regression

Rebaseline to accept a tiny regression

Rebaseline to lock up the performance improvements

Merge pull request #10401 from gradle/lptr/docs/compatibility-notes

Mention the Java, AGP and KGP versions Gradle is compatible with

Do not write bean property names to the instant execution cache. Instead, write and read fields in a deterministic order.

Serialize legacy artifact transformation's secondary inputs hash to the instant execution cache, rather than calculating it when reading the transformer from the cache.

Allow init scripts to apply plugins to settings (#10304)

Cache the constructors used to deserialize beans from the instant execution cache across build invocations.

Do not serialize the full exception for a broken `Provider` or `FileCollection` to the instant execution cache, as the serializing the exception is expensive and only a temporary behaviour. Instead, write the messages from the cause chain.