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Clean up upgrading doc and reintroduce test

Mention task container errors in the upgrade guide

Remove task replacement sample from userguide

Remove references to task removal

Merge pull request #10282 from gradle/jjohannes/ObjectFactory-property-errors

Turn invalid usages of into errors

Removing a task dependency from a task instance is no longer supported (#10289)

Make deprecations in TaskContainer throw errors

Update wrapper to latest nightly

To include:

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    • +1
Polish `InstantExecutionClassLoaderCachingIntegrationTest`

Replace `mustRunAfter` by `dependsOn` to fix flaky test task ordering

Ignore flaky test temporarily

Signed-off-by: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira <>

Fix NativeBasePluginTest to not use outdated API

Mention more robust file deletion in release notes

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    • +7
Turn invalid usages of into errors

Remove nagging from DefaultSourceDirectorySet

No need to ignore inactive feature preview

Fixed JS repository in sample

Merge pull request #10270 from gradle/lptr/execution/use-deleter-take-3

Use Deleter in more places, take 3

Remove old and unused feature preview flags

This removes the preview flags completely that have already bean

deactivated for several Gradle versions and caused a deprecation

warning that they are being removed in Gradle 6.0.

Merge pull request #10274 from gradle/jjohannes/gmm-by-default

Publish and use Gradle Module Metadata by default

Publish 5.6-20190814230723+0000

Merge pull request #10279 from gradle/bamboo/ie/fix-flaky-test

Remove flakiness of `InstantExecutionClassLoaderCachingIntegrationTest`

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/remerges/pr-7838'

* origin/sg/remerges/pr-7838:

Use InetAddress.getLoopbackAddress to find loopback address

Prefer loopback bind address if available for IPC

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Polish release notes

Publish 5.6

Remove flakiness of `InstantExecutionClassLoaderCachingIntegrationTest`

By introducing task ordering.

Polish release notes

    • -22
    • +33
Fix documentation link

Add missing import

Fix tests