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Make checkstyle happy

No need for deprecation warning suppression anymore

Handle task replacement in bridged collections

Make TaskContainer.whenObjectRemoved() an error

Relax assertion in cross-version test to pass with older Gradle versions

Merge pull request #10292 from gradle/gh/deprecations/taskcontainer

Make deprecated task container methods an error

Clean up upgrading doc and reintroduce test

Use 'testImplementation' instead of 'testCompile'

Fix target version annotation

Fix typo

Adjust documentation on Gradle Plugin Development Plugin (#2524)

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    • +3
Merge pull request #9353 from gradle/jjohannes/deprecate-java-configurations

Deprecate legacy configuration usages

Revert "Introduce 'annotationProcessorClasspath' configuration"

This reverts commit 444a899c9cf4c968ce6a490d8148f35a1d631795 and

follow up changes to the annotation processing configurations.

Merge pull request #10284 from gradle/jjohannes/remove-signing-deprecations

Remove deprecated methods and types in signing plugin

Prefer composition over inheritance in PerformanceTest hierarchy (#10262)

### Context

Previously, we had a bad `PerformanceTest` hierarchy:

- PerformanceTest

- ReportGenerationPerformanceTest

- BuildScanPerformanceTest

- DistributedPerformanceTest

- RerunDistributedPerformanceTest

This PR does a refactoring - extracts a `PerformanceTestReporter`/`DistributedPerformanceTestReporter` out of the `PerformanceTest` hierarchy, because wants a report, too.

The hierarchy after the refactoring:

- PerformanceTest

- DistributedPerformanceTest

- PerformanceTestReporter

So we can make things easier.

Publish 5.6-20190815230035+0000

Mention task container errors in the upgrade guide

Remove task replacement sample from userguide

Remove references to task removal

Merge pull request #10282 from gradle/jjohannes/ObjectFactory-property-errors

Turn invalid usages of into errors

Removing a task dependency from a task instance is no longer supported (#10289)

Adjust incremental compile tests to use new configurations

Also use attributes to match 'class folders' or 'jar files'.

Do not use deprecated configurations in tests

Make deprecations in TaskContainer throw errors

Update wrapper to latest nightly

To include:

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Do not yet deprecate configurations for both declaration and resolution

We may do this later when we offer an improved API.

Deprecate legacy Java plugin configurations

Polish `InstantExecutionClassLoaderCachingIntegrationTest`

Replace `mustRunAfter` by `dependsOn` to fix flaky test task ordering

Ignore flaky test temporarily

Signed-off-by: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira <>