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Move directory build cache related classes to org.gradle.caching.local.internal

+review REVIEW-6510

Revert "Restore backwards compatibility with Gradleception build"

This reverts commit a0e22b8072cc4014f7e20f34741a0e90c0957750.

+review REVIEW-6502

Update to latest nightly

+review REVIEW-6502

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Add smoke test for build scan plugin

Restore backwards compatibility with Gradleception build

+review REVIEW-6502

Fix docs for new defaults

+review REVIEW-6502

Use separate output directories for all JVM languages

- Introduce an outputDir on SourceDirectorySet

- Default output directory is now `build/classes/<source directory set name>/<source set name>`

- Example: Java compilation goes to build/classes/java/main instead of build/classes/main

- Adapt JDepend, FindBugs, Test and ValidateTaskProperties tasks to handle multiple class directories

- Deprecate setClassesDir/getClassesDir on SourceSetOutput

- Calling setClassesDir restores old behavior (shared output directory)

- Introduce addClassesDir and getClassesDirs on SourceSetOutput

- OSGi plugin needs a single classes directory, so introduce 'osgiClasses' task that syncs all classes to a single directory

Most of the changes to integration tests are find classes in their new location. Helper methods in AbstractIntegrationSpec

can locate class files vs hardcoding a path.

Squashed commit of sg-split-jvm-classes branch for REVIEW-6502

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Rename OperationFinishEvent back to OperationResult

- reverts breaking change in InternalTaskExecutionListener cs

relies on

- TODO discuss follow up procedure

Revert "bring back OperationResult for compatibility reasons"

This reverts commit c343bea46d9d1efd0ee088a8bee7b4f884d86317.

bring back OperationResult for compatibility reasons

Replace groovy snapshot version with released version

Make project locks in task plan memory efficient

Polish Ivy plugin repository pull request

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Merge branch 'add-better-support-for-plugins' of into so-ivy-plugin-repo

Fix native integration tests

Merge pull request #1905 from gradle/so-faster-task-plan

Make task execution plan faster

Merge pull request #1899 from gradle/sw-handle-paths-in-jar-files

Fix incorrect caching for @Classpath resources

+review REVIEW-6509

Make DefaultBuildOperationExecutorParallelExecutionTest thread safe

Merge pull request #1902 from gradle/so-build-op-renamings

Better names and details for build operations

Revert "Make DefaultBuildOperationExecutorParallelExecutionTest thread safe"

This reverts commit cab8f881ff33ed9b4492181fe07477413279fb04.

Make DefaultBuildOperationExecutorParallelExecutionTest thread safe

Remember project lock for a task for later release

Use the correct `@Ignore` annotation.

Fix build operation tests

Rename CalculateTaskGraphDescriptor and make its result an inner.

Introduce marker interface for build operation detailses without a result.

Remove BuildOperationDetails.getResult().

This should be implemented elsewhere as to not burden implementations.

Ignore directories and missing files on classpath

Make sure file input stream is closed

Ignored flaky test for now. A fix will need some changes to test fixtures.