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Apply logs throttling to stdout and stderr

Pull up ThrottlingOutputEventListener so it is the first listener

to receive and queue log events, flushing them every 100ms or so.

A failing integration test shows missing output at the end of

builds because no EndOutputEvent is generated for standard streams

Use short-circuit OR when checking types

Clean up output event listeners for console chain

This change removes the use of the BatchOutputEventListener,

unifying the update logic for event listeners to use


Issue: #2221

Merge pull request #2558 from gradle/oehme/workers/nested

Allow non-isolated workers to submit nested work

Add test for waiting on nested work

Change build progress tapi tests to get WorkerExecutor from task services

Merge pull request #2555 from gradle/sg/play/refactoring

Refactor continuous build and play reload methods in preparation for fixing #2085

Clean up WorkerExecutor injection tests

Move instantiator from spec to invocation

Simplify output file detection if there are no overlapping outputs (#2490)

If there are no overlapping outputs, we can just use all the declared

outputs as output files and do not need to filter since the task under

question has exclusive access to the directory/files.

We now ignore missing files in output properties, for these two ways

of snapshotting a directory (output file detection and regular snapshotting)

to be identical.

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Do not try to access the daemon port property as it might fail

Report MISSING outputs as removed (#2541)

For the end user it is better understandable to report a file gone missing as removed and a file which changed from missing as added instead of reporting these two changes as modified.

Clean up retry rule util's debug output and add daemon context info

In case a flaky cross-version tests fail despite an attempt to retry:

With the latest changes to CI artifact publishing, the daemon logs

should all be available as separate artifacts. This change prints one

line with the daemon PIDs and Ports the test has (potentially) used

to help with failure investigation.

Filter and package reports/logs for CI publishing

This reduces the reports that are published to the ones that we

always want to see (i.e. binary compatibility) and the ones of

failing tasks. Reports that consist of multiple files are zipped.

This serves two purposes:

- TC Performance: less publishing time and disc space use

- Analysing failed builds: less clutter by only providing reports of

what actually failed

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Make root field in test directory provider non-static

This field can have different values depending on wether test or

distribution directory provider is used. If both are used together,

they modify the same static field and the directories are mixed up.

Which was the case in all tooling API integration test. This has been

broken since the introduction of TestDistributionDirectoryProvider


Do not delete test directory if test unix shell integration test fails

Refactor for clarity: validation of configuration mutations

Merge branch 'release'

Fix issue with `gradle idea` and Spring DM plugin

The Spring DM plugin modifies dependency excludes in a `beforeResolve`

hook. In certain circumstances this results in modifying a

dependency on an already-resolved configuration, which then fails

when the `idea` plugin resolves a second time.

This fixes the issue by ignoring changes to dependency excludes

post-resolve, as was the case in previous releases. Going forward

we should deprecate and eventually prohibit modification of

dependency attributes after a configuration has been resolved.

Polish Google Cloud Storage code based on review comments

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Merge pull request #2576 from gradle/gh/worker-api/doc-fixes

Fix some minor WorkerExecutor documentation issues

Remove WorkerExecutor from DSL page

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Enable 'html' check in Javadoc's doclint

For that, we changed the way of annotating auto tested examples

from <pre autoTested=''> to <pre class='autoTested'>.


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Update WorkerExector samples to use less problematic params method

Remove unnecessary max worker count logic from logging (#2563)

The --max-worker setting no longer has impact on logging or

console display, so remove logic that propagates its value

through logging.

Issue: #2411

Run Javadoc as part of sanity check

This removes the behavior of always running the Java7 javadoc

tool if the Java7 home environment variable is set. It allows us

to run the Java8 javadoc tool instead on CI and profit from its

doclint checking. The doclint is now part of the `sanity check` build.

Merge pull request #2316 from gradle/jj/nodaemon/fix-vm-comparison

Fix build VM comparison

Rename local variable to for consistency

Clean up BuildProcessTest

Clean up BuildProcessTest